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"Maybe where you're from all the children play walk through the walls. I never learned it."
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December 30 2008

Let a Thousand Guilds and Horribles Bloom. Tube Filter encourages other web series creators to step up their games, Whedon/Day-style.

Story contains the traditional holiday errors about Joss and the bad doctor, but the front page would be awfully blank if that was enough to disqualify a story.

Ah, a nicer link than my own, Pointy.
I especially like this line:
"Still, I can’t tell you how many times at digital media conferences this year I heard various ‘professionals’ who would acknowledge Dr. Horrible as a remarkable success only to immediately qualify that with something like “Yeah, but that was Joss Whedon.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Does he have superpowers of mind control that we’re all sheepish victims of?" which does explain a lot, you have to admit!
Yes, I live only to serve Our Dark Lord Jossus, in whom and through whom all things are made good, or words to that effect. All hail Joss and his Evil Family.

Nice article - inspirational. Sockubus won't shut up about it. It'd be annoying if she hadn't sucked my soul out months ago. Wish I knew how she'd learned to read.

So when can we expect Sockubus to star in her own web series, Quoter Gal?
So when can we expect Sockubus to star in her own web series, QuoterGal?
Joss having mind control powers, soul sucking Sockubus, this place is starting to scare the beegeebies outta me, *runs out screaming * - "mommy or someone maternal!"

QuoterGal, please heed the call,
for me and for all,
put Sockubus on the web,
where she can get good, erm?...cred!
she, with the soul sucking power,
in our beds we will all cower,
with tales of fear-ness and woe,
soul sucked outta plumber Joe,
maybe a good thing that'll be,
on the web for all to see,
Sockubus, the sucker of souls,
number one in the web polls!

[ edited by RollingInKittens on 2008-12-31 07:29 ]
When I remember what Sockubus did to an innocent Teletubby...*shudder*
It must be said: "Joss is my master now."

Mr. Whedon makes entertainment that's thoughtful and human, and he does it well. There's a long tradition of "the good stuff" (which is also "the weird stuff, usually) niching out. Twilight Zone back in the day. Pushing Daisies now. Dead Like Me for all its flaws.

Mr. Whedon does indeed have mutant super-powers. He's good at the craft, and makes stories about what's important. So sad that "not a hack" appears to be a mutant super-power. So glad that channels continue to proliferate, so those who do the weird stuff can reach those who appreciate it.

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