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August 07 2003

Onya, Buffy! Australia says bye-bye to Buffy. Article has some interesting info on the show 'rewriting primetime'.

"Buffy regularly attracted 600,000 viewers, despite its late timeslot. About the same number videotaped the show."

Will the show continue?
I have a ton of ideals for a new season to include title, despite a buffy no show.
I know people think it's a bit lame being out of "prime time", but I really like the timeslot. On a weeknight, I'm never out so late that I miss it. Either watch TV straight before bed, or if very sleepy, pop on the video. Earlier shows you have to remember to tape them and I often forget. I'm keep missing Stargate.

I will miss Buffy lots - but Angel is continuing, and we do have all the DVDs we can get so far (seasons 1-6).
Hey, and followed by the Buffy "Hollywood Backstories"!

edited to add: And hey, it was crap! ("Hollywood Backstories", I mean. I liked "Chosen".)

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