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December 30 2008

Firefly Vlog-Style Collab Channel. This guy is making a YouTube collab channel of all the characters from Firefly making video blogs.

I think he's still looking for a Mal, Jayne, Shepherd and Zoe, if you're interested in joining him.

I looked at his videoblog on the whole idea and it is intriguing so I subscribed but I'll be viewing more than actually posting for it.

Jayne, Shepherd, and Zoe are definitely left last time I looked at the comments posted on his site. There seems to be some haggling of sorts over who will be River, Inara, or Wash.
Something like this, if done with real actors, could work itself into an awsome series of vids. I always imagined that of the 9-person crew, Inara actually DID keep a vlog. It'd be quite intresting to watch someone protray her. You could even have the Mal actor burst in on her unannounced once or twice, as Mal would be prone to do.

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