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December 30 2008

Lumps of Coal: The 12 Least Essential Comic Characters of 2008. This is a fun list of the least essential comic book characters and Dracula makes an appearance at #2.

Aww poor Drac. It's so true, though.
Bromance with Xander? Xander was mourning his almost girlfriend in that arc.
Interesting that both Dr. Strange and Doom ended up on the list but maybe taking the mystics out of it was the only way to make the whole Civil War thing palatable. After all what's the point of a secret invasion if you can easily be detected and eliminated with a spell?

As for Drac, if I recall Spike referred to him as "a bloody popstar". So he goes after Xander, and since vamps traditionally are bisexual, it somewhat makes sense. Keep in mind Bram's version was colored by those Victorian era sensibilities.
They are so very wrong about Dracula.
Vamps are bisexual?
I must have missed that ep of Angel.
Pointy, you have the best thought-provoking Buffy links.
Awesomely thought-provoking subject matter, Sunfire :D
Oh, ha. Just realized that is your blog. Did I mention I am chronically bad at skipping titles?
Hee hee. (But self-linking is allowed in comments, just not on the front page.)
I only read Pointy's blog for the window washing tips...
From the article:
"Even when he made his famous appearance in Season Five of BTVS, it was a slick, tight episode that acknowledged the history of the show in its mythical roots."

Hah, I mostly hated Season 5's premiere back when it first aired (it still ain't the best ep, but I've lightened up on it since), then that season went on to be tied as one of my favorites. It's actually the comics that've given me a Dracula I can appreciate. They had me from Drew Goddard's tale in Tales of the Vampires, goofy as it was for the most part. He's a bizarre, unconventional choice to find a reason for teaming him up with the gang temporarily (and possibly as an ally in the future), but I thought he worked fine in "Wolves at the Gate".

Just as long as they don't turn him good or grey.

Oh and I'm not sure how "Buffy vs. Dracula" necessarily "acknowledged the history of the show in its mythical roots" (nor was it a "slick, tight" episode, IMO). It paid homage to a major inspiration for the show's vampires, but it actually showed an example of a vampire that was very different from what Buffy continuity had given us up to that point. They had to have Spike explain away Drac's gypsy magics (Drac never even had a game face on, did he ?). I think the author of that article just worded it wrongly, he probably wanted to go with the Dracula-ep-was-paying-its-respects-to-inspiration meaning.

[ edited by Kris on 2008-12-31 07:27 ]
Whether or not Drac was essential in Season 8 is, I suppose, up for discussion. But being lame?! I disagree, author-of-the-list. In fact, I very vividly remember, "It's not the monster you should fear; it's the old man!" moment, and how breathtaking it was. He was so badass, it made me think, "Holy crap! How can this possibly be a two dimension drawing with text-y words?" It was as bold and terrifying and beautiful as it should have been, and more so than I would have imagined.
'Buffy vs Dracula' was much more about meta-text and setting BtVS up as the "young punk" of vampire mythologies than acknowledging roots IMO (except in the sense that it acknowledged the different varieties of vampire mythologies, kind of like how in comics you might see an in-joke about a previous, now outdated, continuity). It was funny and playful but most definitely irreverent, sort of like good naturedly mocking an older relative's slightly old fashioned ways/opinions.

And the character in the comics wasn't essential maybe but he wasn't "least essential" either IMO, not by a long chalk.

(don't read any of the titles featuring the other characters so can't comment on those)
I agree with XanMan. I LOVED Dracula, both in season 5 and in season 8. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Maybe it's all due to the balkan in me...
I can't stand the 'Buffy vs Dracula' episode, but the comics kinda redeemed it for me.
Everyone has their own favorites. I think that Dracula was used fairly effectively in "Wolves at the Gate." Logically, given he exists in the B'verse, sooner or later other vamps would try to learn how to do what he does. And that he woudl resent it.

And it supports my own idea; Spike's dismissing of of these abilites as "just...showy gypsy tricks" was just his diminishing of Drac, out of Spike-y motives.

And the simple existence of the "Wolves...." arc proved that "BvD" wasn't an illusion created by the monks to get Buffy's cells to clone Dawn but a "really-happened" episode. Which I liked.
Had never heard a theory about "Buffy vs. Dracula" being an illusion. People come up with some wild ones, heh. So what's the rest of that theory ? How did the monks go about getting Buffy's cells during that episode, or behind the illusion while it was going on, or whatever ?

"Essential" is kinda irrelevant (I know that's what the linked list is about) and a bit of a question mark as a description of a character's worth in a story. If they add color to the fictional universe and maybe reveal/further illuminate aspects of the main characters, doesn't that at least make them worthwhile inclusions ? Yeah, Buffy Season 8 could work fine without Dracula...but from what I experienced with the comics, he's added more than taken away from the book, so far (he hasn't taken away at all, IMO).
Kris: I came along to those sites a few years after the fact, so I never read the whole theory laid out; I guess her hallucinating Dracula's tasting her occurred when the monks withdrew some cells, turning their "hypodeemic nerdle" into Drac's fangs.
Not sure if the 3 Bride-Sisters tasted Giles or just played with him, since he was sure woozy when he was fished out. If he was bitten, that leaves Xander as the only major character from Episode 1 never bitten.

The whole warrior's pride thing shown in S-8 is typical of the Marvel Comics Dracula which was certainly an influence on Joss. (Jonathan could be Harold H. Harold reincarnated.)

Egotistical non sequitur; in my futuristic fanfics, I still haven't figured out a way for Dawn to access her Key powers to help in her work as an emergency room doctor.
"that leaves Xander as the only major character from Episode 1 never bitten."

Hey, cool random fact, never considered who had and hadn't been bitten. Appropriate that Xander was never bitten. Unless we count how he was turned off-screen in the alternate universe in "The Wish", and undoubtedly would've included biting in his vampire sex.
Nope, not counting the Wishverse. And really, despite his altered mental state I didn't see any fangamrks on Giles watching "BvD" on my new DVP 7 TV. So, leaving out Xander and Giles, Buffy has been bitten by The Master, Angel, and Drac, Angel, Joyce, and Cordelia by Darla (talk about getting soem major neck,) Willow by Harmony, and Harmony by her unnamed sire.

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