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December 30 2008

A quick word from Tim Minear regarding Dollhouse. SciFi Wire has a quote from him for their Midseason TV Preview feature.

That's a nice video clip with a couple of new images.... I can't wait for Feb 13th!
Heads up- there's International Restrictions on that video. Shall have to view it later as it's officially NYE party time here. Have a good one, y'all!
There's nothing new in that clip.
Yeah I had to use the HotShield workaround. Nothing new there sadly.
But on the subject of Dollhouse promos, is the Dollhouse promo that's on the free Lie to Me disc at Best Buy one we've seen before, or new?

And if LtM had a free disc at Best Buy around three weeks before it's premiere, will Dollhouse have one at the end of January, then?

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That's a nice list. I've been a little afraid that Medium might get dropped in the face of pure NBC stupidity, so I'm relieved. The only shows I wasn't already happily anticipating are 13 and Kings and I may even look those up. I still like reality shows if they're done well and 13 looks kinda fun. :)
i think this is the first time I heard Tim being referred to as executive producer. wasn't he consulting originally?
Yes but I guess cause his show on ABC didn't get picked up (last time I heard), he's moved onto Dollhouse in a more official capacity. Which is really good for people like me who miss the Minear/Whedon combo.
I love the Minear/Whedon combo so that is good news. The Cupid vid looked good too.
Yay for the Minear/Whedon combo! They do good work together - also apart, of course - but nice to see them together again.

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