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December 31 2008

Dr. Horrible's Commentary! ode to Ninja Ropes flatters the game's author. (Click the link to play Ninja Ropes) - Sarkscape, author of Ninja Ropes is a big fan of Firefly, and thanks the Dr. Horrible team for including the game. They especially thank Nathan Fillion for his costume at the recent LA screening.

Apparently, the game link above does not work on some browsers. According to the Sarkscape website, it's compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, Opera 9+, Firefox 2+, and Safari 3+. Note that no IE flavors are listed. (also: Ninja Ropes is available in Opera Widget form here, and iPhone app here.)

Oh, and if you're feeling especially horrible, you can always try beating Nathan Fillion's top score of 119.7 yards. (you can blame user Rachelkachel if that stat is incorrect :-p)

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Thanks, I didn't realize that costume was a ode to Ninja Ropes too! LOL.
I just can't get that page to load... it keeps hanging up and I only see part of a 3-button menu.
Oh darn it, I'd held out on finding out what the game actually was until now. Turns out I'm really bad at it. And it's addictive...
I can get the page to load in Firefox, but not I.E.
I've been dying, yes, literally dying (am on my fourth stage of dying now), to play this game, but no such luck, arghh!
So it will work on the interwebs, not just on an iPhone? I haven't been able to see more than the blue line (rope?) segment in IE. Will try Netscape or Firefox when I get home from work.
It's a terribly addicting game. My brother and sister are better at it than me but so far I don't believe either of them has beaten Nathan's score (119.7).
If you have the free (and excellent) web browser Opera, then you can install Ninja Ropes Extreme Edition as a native Opera Widget. You can then play it anytime from the Widgets menu. I think the Opera version might be a bit more responsive than the web-based one linked above, which makes it a little easier to play. I think replays are one click fewer to launch, as well, but am at work and can't be sure. Haven't got above 27 yards though.
Thanks AlanD! Will try that, (as fifth stage of dying ...not so much with the fun). (Lots of evil squirrels involved...Don't ask.)
Geez, that game is addicting. I've gotten to about 29.3 so far, but can't get anything close to Nathan's score.

BTW, anybody know of a way to download mp3s of those songs? I've had Nathan's "Better than Neil" song and "Ten Dollar Solo" stuck in my head all day and want to sing along in my car.

New top score: 46.42

60.57. Nothing to brag about yet but I'm just keeping track.

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Best I've gotten so far is 60.2. Awesome game.

Scratch that, my best is 77.82.

And now it's 104. I've almost caught you Nathan!

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Just got 156.50
Holy crap! 156.5?! I'm lucky to get in the twenties. Anyone else have an image in their head of Joss all, "Nathan to set, please. Nate to set... Where the hell is Nate?" And then, from a nearby trailer, the girly giggling and gleeful sounds of Neil and Jed. And then Nathan, "Hold on, Joss. I'll finish helping you create the future of internet cinema in a second. Right now I'm busy guiding a ninja. Through space!"

Man, now I don't even look remotely impressive. Though I did manage to bump my score to 108.44.

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I just hit 206.98

I find the game pretty easy except for little places that seem to trap you with large vortexes/distances between rings (like at 60, 73, 101, and 151).

EDIT: now I'm at 222.01

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It is only tricky when you have the vortexes (vortices?) that push you back...

At like 80ish... damn you Nathan!

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