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December 31 2008

Dollhouse mention in "10 New Year's Resolutions for Geeks." Geekdad has a New Year's resolution suggestion for all the Whedonites and geeks out there.

His suggestion is to "wait until I have seen at least one full episode of Joss Whedon's new TV series Dollhouse before I start writing letters to Fox begging them not to cancel it." Both Battlestar Galactica and Lost are also mentioned.

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Haha, that was fun! But he can't reserve the right to yell "Lame!" at the TV screen for the big BSG reveal because I already have confirmed reservations. Nyah nyah!!

As far as Dollhouse, I'm going to remain optimistic and wait for the first time Fox pre-empts the show before I start picnicking. :P
My brain farted, thinking this was a double post. Then I realized I was only remembering it being mentioned in some other thread. Heh.
Useful link - now following Stephen Fry!

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