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December 31 2008

USA Today recommends Firefly for New Year's Day. Perfect hangover cure, plus a Dollhouse mention.

I just loves me some His Girl Friday to death. One of the first videotapes I ever bought. :)

Tonight I have a two-hour work period at midnight where I just sit and monitor. Hopefully nothing will come up so I can watch "Ariel" and "Out of Gas" as my New Year's present to me. :)

And in a weird O/T coincidence, I just watched Barbara Eden being all flirty and helpless in the face of Peter Brown's disapproval of her blackbelt prowess. Awesome! I recommend Ride the Wild Surf to any aspiring social anthropologist. ;)
I went out to the movies and saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Very good film, will propbably get lots of Oscar nods. But Burke's Law? I loved that show as a teena- uh... as a kid! :)
Actually me and a bunch of friends watched 'Out of Gas' and 'Ariel' thismorning. Pleasant way to deal with hangovers
I've been catching up on Burn Notice via Hulu, which likely will be what I pick up with tomorrow as well.
Yay! I managed to get both "Ariel" and "Out of Gas" in with only two minor work interruptions. :) Hulu rocks, can't imagine why work doesn't block it.
Burn Notice is awesome. Seriously underrated show.
I second that. Although the 2nd season wasn't as good as the first. Still, it was better than most shows on TV.
Burn Notice is amazing, and coming back in January (Jan 22nd, I can't wait).... I would watch Firefly tomorrow, but the other things on his list all are pretty vintage... (not that there is anything wrong with that).
I have to watch Season 4 of BSG before I do anything else but I'd love to see Burke's Law again. Gene Barry was very cool.
I have actually been spending this week turning a friend to all of Joss's shows. She already watched all of Firefly and the first season of Buffy, and we're watching Serenity today.
I watched a lot of the first season of Burn Notice, but never quite caught the bug. The spy tradecraft and MacGyver-y stuff was cool, but the tone felt a little schizophrenic, like the writers couldn't make up their mind whether they were going to commit to making it campy or not. But the cast seemed to have great chemistry with each other, even the obnoxious mom. Is it the sort of thing that's improved as it's gone along?

Unfortunately my wee ones are still a little too young for Firefly, so I'm thinking of taking the day to introduce them to Monty Python or classic Saturday Night Live instead.
Too young for Firefly but not too young for SNL? I'm pretty sure SNL airs at 11:30pm for a reason. o.O
Cabri, Depends on the kind of stuff that you're concerned with your kids seeing and the sort of things that a particular child is sensitive to. I'm OK with my kids seeing Jim Belushi dressed as a bee or Dan Akroyd doing President Ford's slapstick. But my very sensitve preschooler watching people shooting each other, a guy getting kicked into an engine, or a terrified crew responding to Reavers? Not so much. Seriously, one of them is so sensitive that they can't bear to watch Rudolph get humiliated at the reindeer games in that old Christmas special.
I watched The Train Job and Bushwhacked today, with a friend (her first time). Oddly enough, though I usually find myself loving Firefly more and more, this time I was a little restless...

Now, I've always been partial to Buffy, so I think it may have something to do with the fact that I'm currently about 80 episodes into my second runthrough of the series, in a year. I think my mind has just become conditioned to the pace of Buffy.

But nothing could keep me from noticing how pretty it looked on Blu-Ray. Plus, apart from some navigation issues, I really like the new menus.

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