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December 31 2008

What would Christian Kane steal? "Name five things in Hollywood you'd like to steal. That's the assignment we gave Christian Kane (Angel) and Gina Bellman (the British Coupling), costars of TNT's new caper series, Leverage."

Wow, I love the stuff they would steal (particularly stealing all of Reality TV and getting rid of it all for good! Good on you Christian Kane!).
So if this is another 2008 going on 2009 of what we would like to steal then my list is:
1. One of Joss Whedon's pencils from the Strike (did any of them survive?)
2. An original Doctor Horrible script, with the demo tape!
3. I wanna steal Serenity (the ship) from Universal, do they still have that housed somewhere? Maybe somewhere without enough security? I wanna live in it.
4. Rick Warren's invitation to do the invocation at the Inauguration (so he can't go).
5. And of course I want to find some way to steal power, because the status is NOT quo; the world is a mess and I just need to rule it!
"Rick Warren's invitation to do the invocation at the Inauguration (so he can't go)."

Not to be too political but you can't bring people together by simply dismissing someone, especially when maybe as high as half the country agree with him. The way to win that debate, and let's be clear it is a debate worth winning, is not to simply dismiss them but to embrace them.

BTW, if you haven't checked out Leverage, it is really good and I highly recommend a watch. It is Ocean's 11 without the pretentiousness and that is saying something.

And finally, five things I'd steal--
1. A ticket to the inauguration.
2. The rights to Star Trek so that RB can never touch the franchise again, and so that I can put another show about Star Trek on Network TV.
3. Anything else Frank Miller wants to ruin...
4. Money--lots of it (so I can help people!)
5. The ability not to be caught...
Anyone get the LLY thing?
zillah-Think about it. :)
Speaking of Gina Bellman, she has a TV Guide Leverage blog.
Oh, bother, about the political stuff (Warren, I mean) already.


There are brazillions of other IntarWeb forums you can vent on, okay?
Enjoying tghe hell out of this show :). Loving seeing Christian Kane and Gina Bellman on my screen and Aldis Hodge is a revelation... dude is hilarious, which I never would've known from his stint as Ray 'Voodoo' Tatum on Friday Night Lights!
I apologize to anyone upset by my fantasy stealing wish #4, and I'll take it as a vote of confidence that no objects to my stealing 'Serenity' and moving into it.
I hope 2009 fulfills everyone's fondest dreams!
I think we were all assuming you'd throw Serenity parties and invite us.
@menomegirl- this is one of those things where I'm going to kick myself, huh.
Actually, Embers, I'd trust that you'd do the hard work of stealing Serenity from Universal, thus removing it from a high security environment and making it far easier for me to steal it. (Sorry, capers and heists on the brain...)
zillah-Well, write out 'Hollywood' and strike out the LLY. Then read it. :)

zeitgeist-I'm liking the entire cast, especially Beth Riesgraf, who plays Parker.
1. One of Joss Whedon's pencils from the Strike (did any of them survive?)

Maybe.... Who wants to know?

And anyone who has not watched Coupling should buy it now and watch it from the beginning. It is so not Friends.
Um, zz9? That would be me, embers! Your friendly neighborhood resident of Serenity. So are you just teasing, or do you know where strike pencils are to be had? Maybe I need to check eBay....
Embers, I may, or may not, have been standing three feet away from the basket as Joss and Ron Moore were pouring the pencils in and may, or may not, have helped pick up the several hundred pencils that spilled onto the ground from the last box.
I also may, or may not, have a single white pencil sitting in my safe that may, or may not, have been there for just over a year.
You may draw your own conclusions...

(See, us English are just evil.)
I stand in awe of your evil impressive ability to have already stolen that which I only thought to steal a year (or more) too late. But it does, belatedly, occur to me that I could just buy a white pencil of similar type and present the forgery as the real thing (that is what Christian Kane would do in 'Leverage').
If half the country agreed with the horrible bigot, warren, I weep. However, I'm hopeful that his followers numbers are vastly exaggerated. Americans are much nicer than that mean horrible man.

Leverage rocks!
Didn't they have something strike-related printed on them? I thought that was part of it, although that may have just been my hindsight -- which, far from being 20/20, is as blind as my foresight and my eyesight.
@menomegirl: thanks! I was looking for an Angel reference :-/
zz9, that's just plain evil. Tormenting poor embers over a pencil we know you don't have and waving an imposter in place. That's pretty good, take it you've earned your full degree in evil ;) (Yes, I'm jossing around)

What to steal from "Ho ywo d"? (Damn that Christian!) Ahh, perhaps the film vault of Warner Brothers? Just thinking small at the moment. Ahmm...
1. The Pacific Ocean because I miss it the most.
2. The Tumbler.
3. Any first edition of Poe, Dickens or Austen.
4. Not to steal, but to break and enter - the Vatican library.
5. My neighbor's garages.
Yep, enjoying 'Leverage' heaps, it's just a great, fun show. Aldis Hodge is indeed excellent and according to Gina Bellman's blog (via menomegirl, ta ;) he's only 22 ! Guy's got some presence considering he's barely out of short trousers.

1. A Viper - not the new-new one, the Mk II, still one of the coolest ships ever.
2. The Tumbler - before Mysticslug ;).
3. The Orca from 'Jaws' - I think the real one's just a hulk sitting in Martha's Vineyard now so i'd want a working replica.
4. Philip Marlowe's chess board.
5. Gina Bellman's heart - figuratively I mean, you get that right ?

(it was London Bridge the Yanks bought BTW, Tower Bridge is still there, being all bridgey)
I can attest to Tower Bridge still being there last time I was in London, though no guarantees that Saje hasn't since stolen it to impress the lovely Ms. Bellman.
Think that'd do it ?

Hmm, *contemplates various nefarious plans* ...

(didn't know she was a Kiwi by birth BTW, that might explain why she's good with accents)
That makes me feel better as I heard a little kiwi in her voice in Leverage and I don't recall ever hearing that in her voice before now. Glad to hear I wasn't losing my mind.

ETA - wow, I didn't realize this, but according to his IMDB page, Aldis was "masked teen" in the Buffy ep "Fear Itself".
OMG! Aldis was a Whedonesque actor (only kinda incognito?)?! How cool is that! And I think Danny Strong's 'Leverage' episode is coming up this next Tuesday, cause I just saw him in a preview clip ad thing.
Very cool. Unless La Bellman's wrong about his age though (a possibility I can't even countenance ;) then he'd have been barely a teen in real life, masked or otherwise. Probably just always been tall for his age.

It'll be good to see Danny Strong again, wonder if Mark Sheppard's gonna be in that one too ?
Mark Sheppard isn't listed for The Snow Job.
Now I don't have to wonder anymore ;).

(and I also learned that if you want to say 'solace' but have spare letters cluttering up the place that you're just dying to get rid of you can say 'solacement' instead, even though it sounds totally made up)

[ edited by Saje on 2009-01-02 23:48 ]
Darn, if Danny's in an episode I'll have to watch it. I couldn't finish watching the last episode because the dialogue was so clunky. Lovely actors, great stories, but the minute anyone opens their mouth, I cringe.
The "old" London Bridge is in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Apparently, it's part of a theme park on all things British and a very big turist attraction.

Hm... so I've got competition for the Tumbler? Perhaps it could be a collaborative effort? I've got first dibs though.
That theme park wouldn't be called 'Wee Britain' now, would it?
Don't know. I've known about the bridge being sold and reconstructed in Arizona for several years, but didn't know about the theme park until it Wikied it.
Darn, if Danny's in an episode I'll have to watch it. I couldn't finish watching the last episode because the dialogue was so clunky. Lovely actors, great stories, but the minute anyone opens their mouth, I cringe.

I agree with zeitgeist. Not only do I love this show but I've been especially taken by some of the witty dialog.
Christian's list definitely appealed to me more, except for the Getty, which is such a little (as museums go) marvel. (wouldn't mind stealing CK himself, actually) ;)

I'd steal:

>A turnkey film studio and hand it over to Joss, so he'd never again have to worry about suits messing with his creations.

>Some "heroes" like power to set the world right, so people would stop killing each other over things like religion and natural resources.

>Lots of money. Personally, because I've been knocked out beyond belief by what we're calling a worldwide recession and I'm seriously thinking is more on the way to another great depression, at least in the U.S. - and globally, to spread around, Bill Gates style.

>speaking of the Getty - that little Van Gough (one of the "Irises in the field") that I couldn't tear myself away from.

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