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December 31 2008

(SPOILER) Alexa Davalos a fine actress, per L.A. Times. Alexa Davalos (Gwen in "Angel") is praised for her work in the Los Angeles Times review of the new film "Defiance."

Well, that's sort of a throwaway comment there, and refers not just to Davalos but to Mia Wasikowska (yes!) and Iben Hjelje as well. Not sure this post is really justified...
The point of the post is to draw the attention of people who are interested in Ms. Davalos' work but may not know she's in the movie to 1) the fact that she's in the movie, 2) what the movie is about, 3) what sort of role she plays and 4) that she is good in it (according to the review). This provides more information than just linking to, say, the IMDB page for the film. If somebody's already posted a link to something with more info on "Defiance" and Ms. Davalos' performance in it, then this is redundant.
Apparently, this post is for me. I knew there was a movie called Defiance coming out and knew that Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell were in it (which is enough to sell me), but I had no idea that Alexa Davalos was in it or what it was about. But this link has convinced me to see it. So I think this was a success.
Well, this is scarcely the first post here to mention her role in the film, which I think amounts to about 5 minutes or so of total screentime. Just saying. But if it brings people to the film, cool.

Meantime, Daniel Craig is about as far from looking Jewish as a person can be. :-)
I dunno, I think he looks sorta Polish or of some kind of Slavic background. Were there no Polish/Slavic-Jews at the time ? (although I have no clue what background the Bielski brothers' were, I mean in terms of where some or all of their bloodline came from way back when). I have three Jewish female friends and only one of them looks "distinctly" Jewish if we're using commonalities to gauge. Another is English/Dutch/Morrocan (father English-Dutch, mother Morrocan), but somewhere down the line they must have ties to nomadic Jews from Israel, but they could also still be decended from folks who weren't Jewish way back when.

World's getting so mixed (positive, IMO) it's hard to tell, and even back then when it was less acceptable in most cultures to marry different faiths/nationalities/skin colors, it still happened.

I'm really looking forward to this one. I haven't seen any of director/co-writer Edward Zwick's films (Legends of the Fall, The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond) nor his TV shows (Once and Again, thirtysomething, although I have seen My So-Called Life if you count his executive producer credit on that last one), so I don't know what his output has been like so far. Just hoping the trailers are indicative of how well put together this'll end up being.
I loved her in Angel. Very nice character. I would have loved her to be a regular. :)) Poo. I miss Angel!

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