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January 01 2009

Lego Firefly: Wash's Dinos Video. A wonderfully strange little piece of YouTube-y goodness.

Someone had Lego dinosaurs, a sound clip of Wash's dialog from the pilot and some time on their hands. Please to enjoy.

That was awesome.
very cute. thank you for posting it.
Ha! Thanks for a good laugh to start 2009!
I love when people have time on their hands! Awesome find!
Haha, it's my brother's video.^^
Very Cute. Enough to cause me to want to pull out the DVD's.
From the headline I thought they made a lego firefly game like lego starwars or lego batman for a few happy seconds. I am sad now.
*snickers* Wash would love that! :D
Jaynes Hat that was my first though upon reading the title...if only.

Cute find though.
I never get tired of those lines. Have to wonder how many versions of it there are; hand puppets, claymation, etch-a-sketch?
That was fun! Kudos to your brother Roadi!
Great fun! Thanks for posting it and tell your brother great job, Roadi!
Great job and I almost lost soda all over my laptop. 8-O. Roadi, are you by any chance Roadie on DLMO(
No, I'm not on DLMO.
I'll tell my baby-brother about your reactions. He was kinda surpirsed to get so many viewers, till I told him, someone posted a link to his video over here.
Most of his viewers like "Star Wars" and his Boba Fett videos.
Just rewatched Serenity (the episode), a few days ago... oh, Firefly, I've missed you.

Honestly, I don't know why it's been so long since I watched it... I think I've nearly watched all of Buffy twice, since the last time I sat down and watched a full episode of Firefly. :(
This also reminds me that I just discovered a friend who somehow managed to escape my rabid recommendations of Firefly, so he'll be receiving a late Xmas present, since the DVD set is discounted all over the place.

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