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January 01 2009

Serenity Blu-ray problems? Apparently a few people who are watching Serenity on their PS3 are experiencing playback issues.

I hope whenever my copy comes from amazon it is not a problem as I use a ps3 as my player.
I was thinking of buying a ps3 as my BR player mainly for Serenity and Firefly to start with and then hopefully the typical price of the discs would go down from $30 or so. Now with this news, I may have to wait.
I wouldn't take this news with much grain of salt, I'm sure the production BD-DVDs are just fine.
Just watched the movie yesterday on a 60GB PS3 and didn't get any freezing.
I posted about this at the .org yesterday after stumbling across a similar thread at Apparently, lots of folks are experiencing freezing problems when the Serenity Blu is played on a PS3.

Anyone here experiencing problems?
I'll let you know when mine comes. I'm sure it'll be fixed with a firmware update, though. Sony's real good about that.

But I'll just say, Universal might be the culprit here. Don't get me started on my 'Bourne Ultimatum' HD-DVD....
A friend of mine, who is a quality control tech for VHS, DVD and Blu-ray, recommends the Sony Playstation as the best Blu-ray player at the present time.

The problem may not lie with the player, but with the way the disc was authored. If it's a glitch in the player's software or an issue with the disc, I'm sure the source of the problem will be discovered and corrected as soon as possible. The technology is still on the newish side, there are bound to be hiccups here and there.
I use a 40GB PS3 as my Blu-ray player and -- having tested all the U-Control features -- I've suffered no freezing at all.
I'm a little chilly, but I haven't received my disc yet.
60GB PS3, no issues with anything on it so far and I did d/l the BD-Live content prior to playing. Also as far as $30 discs, you just have to watch where and when you're buying. New titles are significantly cheaper than that and box sets have some great prices even when Amazon and other places aren't doing buy one get one or 50% off or anything. Weeds Season boxsets are $12.99 on BD at Amazon right now, for example. They are going to come down even more in the new year, believe me.
Thanks zeitgeist. Since I still haven't bought any blu-rays, the prices I've seen have been from occasional and random searches. I do have an Amazon account and get e-mails of their sales almost daily for a couple of weeks now. Someone on another board I frequent mentioned that players other than the ps3's should drop quite a bit in price in the next few months as should the discs themselves. I read a review of the Serenity disc yesterday and I'm literally itching to buy it and a player so I can use this as a lesson in patience. :)
I also have a PS3 and although I don't have Serenity on blu-ray yet I have experienced no problems with my PS3 and blu-ray movies.
PS3 is a good blu-ray player I have over a 100 blu-ray movies and only use a ps3 as my player and have yet to run into any problems yet.
I hit problems with my 60GB PS3 with current firmware. Problem was a consistent freeze right after the "Blu-ray is a new format, yada yada, make sure your firmware is up to date" message. I'd allowed the disk to install the BD Data features, when prompted, and this turned out to be the key to my issues. Once I deleted the BD data for the disk using the manager in the PS3 menus, and then said "no" when the disk prompted for adding it, I was golden - everything played with no problems. Your mileage may vary, but you might give this a try if you are having problems with the disk.

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