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January 01 2009

Amber Benson in the Lifetime movie "7 Things To Do Before I'm 30". Airs today at 1pm. "Pretty, charming, and weight-challenged (at least as she sees it) Lori Madison is a month shy of the big 3-0 when her life implodes."

Bones marathon on TNT right now too.
Thanks for the head's up RavenU, I've set my ancient VCR to record.

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Wow. Why are people pooh-pooh'ing our Whedonverse actors' work choices? They're working actors (well, most of them) which is probably better than two-thirds of the actors in SAG. Whether it's a Lifetime movie or a national commercial, it pays real money and it's keeping their face on TV.
Poor Amber. She's offical a has-been.

I think that's a bit uncalled for.

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Fair enough. It's not easy for an actor to get a high profile gig. In fact it's an absolute nightmare from what I've heard. When you hear about James Marsters and Alexis Denisof getting turned down as the leads for a buddy cop type show, it does make you sigh.
Maybe that's not important to her, though. Like cabri said, she's working. And maybe she liked the part. Also, she's an author as well.
I believe she is still writing and producing some of her own work, and you'll see quite a few things listed as in production (pre or post) here at imdb, so I would say she is doing great (but I haven't watched the Lifetime movie yet).
Although I was too late to watch, apparently she did a great job as one of the zap2it columnists was wondering why she doesn't have her own gorram series yet. (Without the gorram, of course. ;)
Dang, missed it again. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be on again. As for Amber's casting... she has the lead role, right? Do you have any idea how many actresses would kill for a lead role like that? Not everyone can be an A-lister. Seems to me Ms. Benson is managing to make a living doing what she loves. We should all be so "poor."
What's funny about this film is that it reminds me a lot of Amber's film Chance in the way it's structured. And Lori's narration-voice sounds a lot like Chance's (dialogue-wise). I've wondered if Amber had some creative input in the production.
Amber on Lifetime...the "Women in Jeopardy" wife and I may have to put our problems with Lifetime aside and watch.

Echoing the "glad any of them get work" sentiment, must be horrific trying to get some.
Axel Osbourne, don't put words in my mouth. I'm not against her movie at all, so don't put your b.s. on me. I didn't put that up there because I was more excited about the Bones marathon, I put it up there for those who might want to watch one and record the other. Personally, I missed too much of Amber's movie to care about following it so I decided to wait until it's repeated.

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I haven't seen it yet. Fortunately I Tivo'ed it.
I think it's great that she has the lead role in a movie, even if it is a movie of the week. I don't get Lifetime, though. I hope they're run it here, maybe on W.

I just looked it up, and apparently it originally aired last year. I'd never heard of it before.

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Axel, you implied that I was "more excited" about the Bones marathon and that IS putting works into my mouth because I said no such thing. Had I only cared about Bones, I would have said, "I'd rather watch the Bones marathon instead." You jumped to the conclusion you wanted to because it fell in line with your own feelings on the subject. So give me a gorram break.

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I didn't imply anything, I made a statement about another Whedonverse actor being on another channel at the same time. You jumped to a conclusion, just be adult enough to admit it.
Okay, enough, you two.

Whatever the issue, this was a cute flic that was a decent showcase for Amber's talents and which for once really highlighted them nicely. I'm happy she got the work, though this is about a year old now. Me, personally, I'd like to see her concentrate on one of the areas she works in, whether acting, writing or directing. Her novel comes out in February, for example. And hey, any time you can get her skinny dipping, that's pretty good by me. :-)
I haven't seen this movie as I caught the post later in the day but even though I'm not crazy about the Lifetime channel as it seems to bash men pretty often, I'd still have watched it as I enjoy her work. More power to her.

Amber currently has 2 projects in post-production, 1 in production and 1 in pre-production. There are actors in the Whedonverse that I wish had some of that going on alas ...

ps. As a newbie here, I didn't figure out how to properly tag that link but cut and paste will work if you're interested.
I can't wait to see it. Too bad I missed the beginning, but I hate coming into a movie that's already started so I'm gonna wait until I can see the whole thing straight through. Somebody said she sang in it?
I'm a new Buffy fan, having watched the entire series very recently, and I loved Tara more than anyone else in the show (I admired Buffy, I felt for Willow, I was amused by Anya, and I think Faith is compelling, but I loved Tara). So I say AB may not be an A-lister and some fans may have moved on from Buffy, but she's still getting noticed by new people everyday. I may not watch every other movie she's been or will be in but I admire that she's done so much besides acting. Not everyone can do those things.
I don't know where you're used to posting, but this really isn't the way we do discussion on this site; Axel Osbourne and josswhedonaddict, you're both relatively new here, so consider this a warning. Please don't make snide remarks about or carp at other members. Next time, you're out. Thanks.
I apologize. I was offended and I didn't handle it the way I should have. This is my favorite site, has been for years. I never imagined I'd be in this position so soon after joining. I really am very sorry!
...What's this about James Marsters and Alexis Denisof in a buddy-cop show? That combination would put ... peanut butter to shame.
I had to dig through the archives for this one, it wasn't actually a buffy cop show but a show about military contractors. The pilot never got picked up but Alexis and James weren't in the frame for the leads. Here's the relevant thread about it.
Quoth Simon: wasn't actually a buffy cop show...

hehehe - Freudian typo?     :-)     I know, I know, those fingers just type the word-patterns we use most all by themselves...

Somebody said something about putting Amber on Dr. Horrible? I'm all for that! But please don't kill of the character again (just in case); pretty please? Sigh.
That combination would put ... peanut butter to shame.

Oh, its harder than you might think to shame peanut butter. Glad to see Amber working as always :). Too bad her character's name in the Horrible sequel is Penny II... kidding!
I agree, Amber would be awesome in Dr. Horrible. She's the best female singer in the Whedonverse IMO. Cool idea.
Amber is an amazing singer, but you guys don't all realize that Gina Torres also has an awesome voice! She should be in the musicals too!
Too bad,e ven if I did finish and sell my screenplay her part would be a smallish albeit critical one.

Y'know, when I didn't have TV and DVP at All, I shrugged off stuff like this. Now, no cable, no recording capacity anyway, and it's actively bugging me I can't see this or Holiday Wishes with my favorite star, and that Clare's and Megahn's The Gravedancers is sold out at Wal-Mart and Borders, and that PBS is doing new version of Cyrano de Bergerac with KEvin Kline and Jeniffer Garner. Feeling actively shut out whereas before I felt only that I was missing "something."

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I'm pretty sure I watched this Lifetime movie when Whedonesque announced it last year. I liked it... way better than some of the other Lifetime movies for sure.

Amber in future Dr. Horrible... eh, I don't know about that one. Everyone would be too worried that she'd get killed off to actually focus on the show. ;)

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