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January 02 2009

Nathan Fillion and Eliza Dushku are "Faces to Watch." AOLTv mentions both Nathan's 'Castle' and Eliza's 'Dollhouse' in their Midseason TV Guide.

Damn straight!
I could watch his face forever...I mean, really. If I didn't have to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, work, etc., I'd watch it all day long!!

Just to be clear, she's nice to look at too, but I don't swing that way.
It's finally 2009! And very soon we'll be watching their faces every week! Yay!
there is also a slideshow about new shows premiering in 2009 that feature Dollhouse, Castle, and ASH's Merlin. It's the second slideshow after this one.
I really like how Nathan Fillion and Eliza Dushku were the only names that merited an exclamation point.
josswhedonaddict Me, neither, but she is easy on the eyes.

Whisper ASH, Aly, Christian, Christina, Nathan and David all having weekly shows, Nicky being a recurring character...the world will soon be ours!

Errr...I's nice to see such talented and deserving actors finally getting national and critical recognition, and developing a loyal fanbase outside our little tiny section of the vast universe.

Yeah. That's what I meant. Yeah.
*evil chuckles*

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