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January 02 2009

Dollhouse rated most anticipated show of 2009. The series caps The Fien Print's Top 15 anticipated TV events for the spring of 2009 (limited to spring because who the heck knows what they'll be showing in the fall?).

He also mentions Nathan Fillion's Castle in the same paragraph due to its Whedon connection, although it doesn't make his Top 15. I'm glad he listed Reaper so high and hope The CW didn't tweak it too much; it turned out to be my happiest surprise of last spring when it returned so improved after the strike.

Interesting movie / TV comparison. It always seemed to me that 'Serenity' was more of a movie (the episode that is, not the movie, although that also felt like a movie) and 'The Train Job' felt much more like a TV series.
To quote a popular Sunnydale phrase, DUH. LOL.
"DUH. LOL."? I really don't remember that being a popular phrase in Sunnydale... :)
O snap sorry thought i linked that sorry

You can edit your post and make it a link. Follow directions in 'How to' tips.
And yeah Castle mentions!
Eerikki, my take on the Spike line from Angel's "In the Dark" episode. No, it really wasn't said a lot, if ever, on Buffy. The "LOL" part was just me, because I thought it was funny, because of course it's the most highly anticipated. Whedon fans are a pretty passionate bunch!
Yay for Dollhouse. I know it is the show I am most excited for. I am also happy to see Reaper get mentioned. It has that nice blend of comedy/horror/action that I seemed to be drawn to.
*starts chanting furiously* Dollhouse! Dollhouse! Dollhouse!
For some reason I feel the need to say "yipee" and cannot control myself.

Me too.

Welcome, Wimpie!
ED was on Extra last night. They showed clips of Dollhouse and interviewed her. So now maybe the mainstream TV press is finally starting to pay attention to Dollhouse.
Well, it's January. That's when Fox kept recently saying is when the PR push would kick in.
Thank you for the welcome, Pointy!

I hope we get another new trailer for Dollhouse while we wait.

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