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January 02 2009

"Serenity" to air on Sci-Fi Channel Saturday at 9 p.m. One shiny light amidst the drek. And if you live in the UK, it airs on ITV4 at 10pm on January 5th.

I'll definitely be tuning in and when I heard this news not too long ago, I thought it would have been amazing if they had played the entire Firefly series, in the correct order, leading up to the BDM. Still, no complaints and I'm interested how it will look on Sci-fi HD which is a channel that I recently got from Time Warner. Surely, it'll be broadcast in standard def but the sound should be much better.
Let the mass conversion begin...
AmazonGirl..." Let the mass conversion begin..."
Did you mean masses of people and the "one shiny light amidst the drek" converge to make lots of positive energy? (Or in equation form, E=mc2) 'Cos... cool!
LOL I've been excited about this since Monday. After sitting in the ER for six hours the doctor finally came into my room where I'd been watching SciFI. They played the commercial just as he started talking and my focus totally shifted to the TV! Oops!

Why wouldn't SciFi HD broadcast it in HD?
Whoo-hoo! Just saw a commercial for Serenity on Sci-Fi Friday!
Just from past experience with SciFi, Anonymous1. Oftentimes, even on the HD channel, the source is still the standard def version. If SciFi were to be broadcasting Serenity in HD, they'd be advertising 'that' fact from the rooftops. Also, if they were broadcasting in HD, it would have to the the HD-DVD version and not the blu-ray which is 'just' being released. When I've seen the Firefly showings on Universal HD channel, usually Saturday nights and two different time periods in the last year and a half or so, the big attraction (besides it being Firefly) is that it was a HD source and you could clearly notice the difference. I'll be watching closely either way. :)
It's a hi-def source and therefore, unless Sci-Fi is immensely lazy, will be broadcast in HD. Probably the same 1.78:1 version that hit HBO and Cinemax.

Also, the HD DVD and Blu-ray versions of Serenity feature identical video encodes with the VC-1 codec.
It would be a nice gesture to e-mail SciFi and thank them. Can't hurt, might help. The address to say "Xie-xie" is . I also noticed on the schedule that they're going to show it Again on Feb 19th. Shiny! :D
So Dark Shape, do you know if I could play a blu-ray disc in my laptop with Windows Media Player 11 since it incorporates the VC-1 decoder?
I believe that would be a negatory, mirrorshades - you need a separate app at the moment as the WMP folks decided against it way back when. Happy to be proven wrong (and it is possible since I haven't looked at that particular question recently).
I took the liberty of adding a little bit of extra news for our UK chums.
That would be a nice loophope to find zeitgeist but it's more than likely that you're right. :)

I hope that Sci-fi will be using the HD source Dark Shape, it's just that I hadn't read or heard that as of yet and even skiffy's commercials for the movie didn't mention that. I'll be happily watching with popcorn since I have a new 42" 1080p AQUOS set that I got for myself for Christmas and I haven't seen Serenity on HBO or Max channels in quite a while.

Hi TDBrown, nice to see you again. I haven't seen you for a while on the UniHD board since the last time that UniHD replayed Firefly on Saturday nights about 6 months back or so. I'll be e-mailing Sci-fi with thanks right when the movie is playing. Maybe they'll be an online shindig somewhere. :)

One more thing zeitgeist if you know the name of that separate app, I'd love to hear about it.

[ edited by mirrorshades on 2009-01-03 14:15 ]
Thanks, Mirrorshades. :)
I have one little worry re Serenity being on tonight:
The NFL Playoffs start tonight. It's a daunting task,
but I still think we can post good viewership numbers
for skiffy. Just be sure to send the "thank yous"! :D
So Dark Shape, do you know if I could play a blu-ray disc in my laptop with Windows Media Player 11 since it incorporates the VC-1 decoder?

You still need an actual Blu-ray drive to be able to read the disc.

Also, my cable company lists tonight's Serenity broadcast as being in high definition. So take that for what it's worth.
Glad to hear that Dark Shape as Time Warner hasn't made that announcement. So it seems I have to get the BR player anyhow which is what I thought. Ah well. That'll get done soon enough.

Thanks TDBrown, I'll surely be sending the xie-xie tonight. You can count on it. :)
The normal Sci-Fi Saturday movie crowd is going to be blown away!

So be ready online and not online You might suddenly get a lot of what was that? What do you mean have you seen the TV series? Firefly? You know the usual.

Nathan (Our Captain) Fillion in new TV series Castle on ABC starts March 9th, 2009,
in movie New in Town,
in movie Trucker and
doing voice work as Steve Trevor in animated Wonder Woman DVD.

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse starts Fox 2/13/2009 Eliza (Faith from Buffy) Dushku stars.

Summer (River) Glau returns on Fox 2/13/2009 in Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles
Adam (Jayne) Baldwin returns in Chuck on NBC
Told myself I'll put it on the tv to help the ratings, but wont watch it since I haven't watched the episodes first, (watching things out of order makes my head explode). Well... as soon as it started I was glued. Some annoying edits, a lot of annoying commercials... but it was still cool to see on television.
hitnrun017-you still haven't seen the episodes? What the hell are you waiting for?
Haha. After I posted that I was afraid it would sound wrong. I've seen the series, I ment I usually watch everything in order, and I hadn't watched the episodes leading up to tonight so I wasn't planning on watching it.

Wow, that still sounds confusing.
Whether you e-mail to thank them, or e-mail to complain about the editing
(which, btw, left the storyline intact), please let skiffy know you watched!
I noted some cut scenes, and even two lines changes. And if I am not mistaken, maybe one or two different camera angles.

I would like to think that Sci-Fi -- whom last I heard still had an open-ended offer to develop anything with Whedon -- of all people would know how rabit Whednoites (or "the Whedonese) are and not do that kind of gorram stuff.
The only way to get different camera angles from the commercial release would be for Sci-Fi to either have access to alternate takes that they could splice in or re-shoot scenes themselves. Not sure what the rationale for doing either of those would be.
still had an open-ended offer to develop anything with Whedon

Yeah, news to me; also, "rabit Whedonoites"? Methinks we may need to put a speed limit on your keyboard, tharpdevenport :).
*wiggles nose and nibbles alfalfa*
Bunnies! Bunnies! They must be BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!! /guitar
Whedonites, I meant Whedonites. It was the bunnies I tell ya! It's this theory I got.
:) I was, of course, only teasing. Welcome aboard, by the way; try not to get any crazy on ya!
Does it not come out with Gojo? I already got enough crazy.

And thanks! Trying to register at the org board now, but the confirmation e-mail still hasn't come.
People joke around as though there weren't any killer bunnies....
No one listens to Anya's warnings.
We joke because it is how we deal with our deep-seated fears of the very same, embers.
No joke, I had a rabbit growl at me once.

I would like to think that Sci-Fi -- whom last I heard still had an open-ended offer to develop anything with Whedon

That is incorrect. The only people these days interested in Joss' stuff is Fox (strange but true!).
That'll change after Dollhouse is a break-out runaway hit! (Or is that 'runaway break-out hit'?)
Do we have to break out at all? Acne is so adolescent.
But it's so mainstream! Everybody keeps saying we need to be a mainstream hit, and if that involves acne, I'm willing to take the hit.

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