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January 02 2009

Dollhouse: 10th Most Exciting Winter Premiere according to Kristin Dos Santos. Dollhouse is 10th on the list of top winter premieres at Watch With Kristin.

10th? Pffffft... where's the love? I feel a not-abusive-towards-women smackdown coming on for Dos Santos.
Well, I don't mind the #10 spot since it is listed first, and personally I stopped reading at 'American Idol'.... But Kristen is always a big supporter of Joss Whedon's work so I'm feeling like she is making sure 'Dollhouse' gets some attention.
She put it in the list. #10 is a comfy place to be in any such list. It's on the radar, but not with the kind of buzz that can come back and bite if the first couple of episodes are not the best thing on tv those weeks.

Better to not be one of those without numbers later. Also, upside-downness means it's at the top. That counts for... something.
I think it's a great list and plan on watching all but a couple of the shows. Yay for winter premieres! Yay for heck breaking loose!! :D

I just wish I could see United States of Tara, Toni Collette is one of my favorite actors. *sighs* One day I'll be able to afford a premium channel or two.
Well, Dollhouse was the only one of three new shows listed here including The Kings and The Untitled Amy Poehler Show. So that's pretty dang good.
10th? Madness. Although I understand ranking it after BSG and Lost, the rest of those shows... not so much.
Hey, it's pretty generous considering Dollhouse isn't even out yet. Though it keeps getting closer and closer to the premiere date. :)
10th, but first on the list, so it's in the most prominent spot.
Yeah, at least DOLLHOUSE is mentioned. Gawd, can this show start already? I'm having serious Joss Whedon withdrawal symptoms...
I don't mind the 10th spot either. Besides the top two spots Dollhouse has the most written about it. Although Big Love isn't what it use to be.
She's actually seen all those premieres, or some of them, presumably, so she's more qualified than anyone here to rank them. Plus it's based on opinion and personal fave biases, so whatever.

Dollhouse and two the others in her Top 10 (Kings, which sounds kinda slick but I'll wait to see what the buzz is and whether it survives and warrants DVD rental, and the new show with Amy Poehler, who is comic gold) are completely new and untested.

Of the other seven mentioned...

I freely admit to watching my first full season of American Idol last year (I watched a bit of it during Season...3 I think...whichever one that Fantasia girl won). 'Cause the auditions showed a bit of promise, I like variety shows, and I don't completely regret those lost hours of my life 'cause an actual talent won who isn't a cheesy warbler or faux-rocker. My sister doesn't live with me anymore though, and it was her nights of controlling the TV that got me to watch reality-TV sometimes, so I won't be tuning in for another season (besides, Canadian Idol is better and they've cancelled it, or put it on hiatus if you're naively optimistic).

I checked out most of the pilot and second ep of Reaper and I just couldn't get into it. It seemed a little more juvenile than I was in the mood for at the time (I can do frat-boyish, I can find it enjoyable, just didn't this time). While I'm not gonna pass up something really good regardless of religious overtones, the whole featuring Satan and therefore quasi-Christianity of the piece just turns me off. Kevin Smith was a consultant on the series, I'm not sure how heavy his involvement. If he was responsible for that aspect of it, cool, he's very open about his Catholicism influencing his work (although he's probably one of the most liberal Catholics in North America), but I just found it more palatable and fun in Dogma.

I will rent Friday Night Lights some day. I really tried to stay away when it first debuted (I thought, football drama ? No thanks, I already did Playmakers, the admittedly solid NFL [sort of] sport drama, ESPN's only attempt at having a drama instead of the usual expected airing of sports and commentary, they couldn't handle the controversy of the piece unfortunately and it only made it to 13). When the first season came out on DVD it was ridiculously cheap (less than $25 Canadian), but I've got bigger rental and possibly purchase priorities. The critical acclaim is hard to ignore, apparently it's all about the performances.

Yes, I promise to rent Battlestar Galactica. Hugely looking forward to that massive marathon.

Big Love definitely deserves to be on that list, second season improved on the first IMO (well, to be fair they were kind of different animals) and the third looks poised to be quality as well. Fun, interesting, with a compelling sprawling cast, and hilarious for being on HBO yet having only maybe one swear word per season (they're Fundamentalist Mormons living in Utah and they're devout, or at least believe themselves to be, so the most you get is a comparatively chaste sex scene. Night and day between this and True Blood in terms of some of the content, but I like 'em both. Well, I love True Blood, not just like). I've only seen the first season of Weeds, but either that or this wins for best "family and colorful wives dealing with the suburbs". Desperate Housewives wishes it was this consistent.

24's sixth season, aside from its excellent two-night, four hour premiere and maybe the very last couple scenes of the season, was pretty much a letdown and a re-tread of elements from the previous five seasons. They seem pretty jazzed about the seventh season though, plus the strike gave them an extra half a year to ponder and complete it. The TV-movie 24: "Redemption" that aired in November seemed to point toward good things. I'm not sure about a certain element that's already been widely spoiled (thanks media and stupid show creators for intentionally letting that one out and featuring it in all the trailers), but have to wait and see what the reasoning for it ends up being. Also making this year potentially more exciting is the fact that they've finally taken their lead character .

Wish Lost Season 5 was starting up right now!

Of their honorable mentions, a few things on there I'll check out some day. Really wanna check out United States of Tara, they've thankfully imported it from Showtime up here, but I dunno if I wanna get into more on-air TV shows this year (exception made for Dollhouse). Maybe just PVR it, then if I have time for it, cool, otherwise delete.

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As far as Reaper, Kris, it started as a demon-of-the-week show that I was on the verge of dropping, but when it came back from the strike they really upped the ante in both comedy and plotting. It was the pleasantest surprise of the spring for me. So if you can plow through the first 8 or 9 episodes to get to the 2nd half, you will be rewarded (though understandable if you don't want to spend that much time on it). And I didn't even notice the religious overtones, but then I generally don't look for them.
I feel a not-abusive-towards-women smackdown coming on for Dos Santos.

It would be vastly preferable if you didn't make remarks like that here. Consider this a first and final warning,
Gah, for some reason the Watch With Kristin blog is often broken for me - it has a circular redirection between and and therefore I can't access the page. Anyone able to cut and copy what it says about Dollhouse?
#10? No, no. #1 all the way. But as mentioned before, at least it's on the top of something. :)

Man, maybe it's the rejuvenation from Christmas, but reading the excitement for Dollhouse gives me the strong urge to run through the streets with a smile on my face. :D
It's like a roller-coaster. Except with the added excitement that the cars might be "cancelled" half-way through the ride.

Able and willing flugufrelsarinn ;).

10. Dollhouse (Feb. 13): Joss Whedon returns to television! The wizard himself has created a new series in which the mindfrak is built in to the premise: Young men and women are deprogrammed of their own personalities in order to make room for fabulous new personas ranging from perfect girlfriend to hostage negotiator. Of course, when the so-called "Dolls" start reestablishing personal identities, all heck breaks loose, and the drama begins. Eliza Dushku stars.

And an honorable mention:

Castle (March 9): Captain Sexypants himself, Nathan Fillion, returns to television in this witty ABC supernatural-investigation series.

ETA: Because Saje beat me to the "Post" button. :P

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Also in her favor, KDS has a nice photo of Tahmoh on top of the article.

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