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January 03 2009

Alyson Hannigan is the Tenth Sexiest Geek according to Wired readers. The actress, not any of her characters, is at #10 in this extremely unscientific reader poll at, out of 400 or so nominees.

Wow. There's a boy on that list.
disgraceful that she is on this list with most of those people.
Clearly they haven't seen those topless pictures of gossi.
Clearly they haven't seen those topless pictures of gossi.

Why do you have to put those mental images in people's head's? What did we ever do to you?
But seriously, that was kinda funny
Aly is so NOT a geek. I would say that Felicia Day just barely qualifies due to her Twitter obsession. Anyhoo, my vote goes to a shirtless O-b-a-m-a, as we all know that power is HAWT!

And Gossi's topless? Again?? Photos??? Links????!
I would say Felicia Day more than qualifies: she's a gamer, programmer, web designer, blogger, and skilled violinist.
Glad to see a philologist made the list! Didn't see that coming!
Yeah, lists like these were more or less made for people like Felicia. Alyson, on the other hand...
I still have trouble seeing Alyson as a brunette.

Felicia is the only one I voted for (after she tweeted about the poll). Don't forget she also has a math degree.

What shocks me is that so many voted against reigning World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk, who seems extremely well qualified to me. Is there still a backlash againt Russians in this day and age? Is chess not geeky enough? cause you can't tell me it's not sexy! (Yeah, I was captain of my high school chess team - the ladies totally dug it)
I like Alyson, but as far as I know she's not a geek.

I was rooting for Felicia. She's been a gamer her whole life, writes and stars in a popular web series, has a math degree, plays the violin, is active on Twitter and also blogs, and reads fantasy novels. And she's pretty. So I think she qualifies as a Sexy Geek.
I don't think Alyson is a geek. But there's no denying that her portrayal of geeks on tv and in film helped make geeks cool. I see characters like Chloe on "24" and Abby on "NCIS" as being direct tv descendants of Willow.

Edited for spelling.

[ edited by filmtx on 2009-01-03 15:19 ]
True enough filmtx but "Best Portrayer of a Geek" would be a totally different list (one that Alyson should be near the top of IMO). This one on the other hand, she shouldn't be on at all.

I agree with those questioning the definition used - on the one hand I want to welcome anyone into the fold that wants to join, on the other, I don't think playing a game (by itself) makes you a geek, certainly not these days.
If it were down to just playing a game, the arcade craze of the 80's would've made everyone a geek. Not the case.
Would we consider ourselves geeks? I've never been clear on that term.
Alas, I long since stopped biting the heads off chickens.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-01-03 18:37 ]
Me, too. Last one bit back and took the fun out of the whole schtick...
Sorry to play Carlos K. Crinklebein here, I love Alyson, and I love Willow, but the former hasn't played the latter for almost 5 years, and as far as I know Lili isn't even the least bit similar (I have a TV monitor now but no cable mand besides I wouldn't be home that early on Mondays.) It's really pointless for her to keep popping up on these lists.
*nods in appreciation of b!X's knowledge of obscure etymology*
Where's Penelope Garcia?
Presumably on that other list, of people that portray geeks ?
BrewBunny : thanks, I was remiss (sorry bix) in not giving props on that myself. (geek might make a good name for a jackel-like animal on another planet)
You mean, like Alyson Hannigan? :-)
Ah, apologies Dana5140, I thought your "Where's Penelope Garcia?" was serious (i.e. you wanted to compound the error made by including Aly Hannigan in the first place by including someone else that didn't belong on there). My bad *gives irony detector a good thump* ;).
You know, Alyson is really pulling her best with, "HIMYM". I must be honest, I thought this was a bad move of her career wise and thought she should stick to dramas.

Talking about eating crow, not only did she take charge, she completely took that show over. Never sell Alycat short on her talent, I'd learned my lession that day. That lady is on top of her game and it's a pleasure to watch her sow her talent.

Oh! She's also a very sexy lady. Release the hounds!!

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