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January 03 2009

James Marsters' February New Jersey event now offering concert tickets. The ticket info is not yet posted on the main page but if you click buy tickets, they are the only tickets now available. They are $28 w/service charge. The concert starts at 8pm on Febuary 15th.

Where are the $28 tickets?

All I saw were the following:
VIP: $225.00
Regular: $195.00

I wish the guy would just do a regular tour and stop these high priced "intimate" gigs.

I missed his Dragon Con show because I was from out of town and couldn't camp out all night beforehand.
You have to click through to the next page, find tickets in orch or mezz levels then you will see them. I tried to link driectly but it did't like that.
Ok, thanks, it is still a bit far away from me, but that is a much better price. I want to support James and all, but I am poor.
err. i bought the $195 tickets. and NOW i'm poor. either way it should be pretty cool.
If he was anywhere near my side of the country I would buy the $195 tickets too. *sigh* Have fun.
I think I would buy it too, if he was anywhere near my continent... Sob...

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