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January 03 2009

Dollhouse heads Ken Tucker's (from Entertainment Weekly) list of things he wants to watch. And Castle comes in in second place.

I'm looking forward to all five of those! The last time I was able to watch McShane star in a series was as Lovejoy so I'm excited for Kings. :)
I'm pretty curious about Kings myself. I only just heard about it yesterday, and wasn't interested much until I found out it takes place in the modern (kinda) era. That's way cool. So I'll be watching at least the pilot for sure.
Of course, Dollhouse tops my list as well. But Cupid takes my second spot. I was also happy to see so many comments about United States of Tara. Love Toni Colette!

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All great shows. However Im always fearful watching any new shows in case their good and get cancelled its happening far to much lately...
*shrugs* Whedonverse fans do tend to be more jumpy that most, but goodness gracious! good shows have been canceled since good shows have aired. I know people who refuse to watch shows that they're interested in just in case they get canceled, which to me is cutting off your nose to spite your face. If a series I love gets canceled, I thank the PTB for what I got and hope the next series I love hits the ratings jackpot.
They may all get cancelled. Only 1 out of 3 new shows makes to season 2. I'll be watching all those shows. I'm also going to go renew my EW subscription. Gotta reward the constant love these guys show the Whedonverse and its actors.
I don't have any particular interest in any of the other shows on that list. Kings, maybe.
I spose but it makes little difference in Ireland as at best two of these shows will get picked up and one of them will be on at 3 in the morning
Kings got the most insta-rave from friends at last year's Comic-Con, so I'd keep my eye on that one . . . if I were the kind of guy who actually watched TV, that is.
The only thing I know about Kings from Comic-Con is that I saw the tail end of the panel while waiting for something else, and I think Greg Grunberg was moderating because the original moderator was stuck in traffic or some such.
Also in EW (but apparently not online that I can find) is a piece by Jeff Jensen called "Coming Reactions" where he rates the longer coming-soon previews for four winter shows. Dollhouse gets an A from him because ...

The meaty tease for Fox's new show (with Eliza Dushku as a blank-slate operative) is dense with haunting images and great Joss Whedon humor. It suggests a sexy, wildly ambitious show -- hope Dollhouse lives up to it.

The picture with it is from the "Did I fall asleep?" scene. In the same piece, the coming-soon ads for Lost, Cupid, and Kings get a C+, B, and D, respectively.
Besides Dollhouse (of course), I'm pysched about Castle and Lie to Me. The trailers for both shows looked good.
if I were the kind of guy who actually watched TV, that is.

Funny, that's what Mark Sheppard said about you... ;)
Good list. I'll be watching Dollhouse and Castle for sure while TiVoing the rest. My mom watched Cupid the first time around so I do remember that...not sure how I feel about the show not having Piven.

I'm proud of TV this season. So many good shows are coming back (BSG, Lost) and we aren't getting a complete dud of a new show (Gery UnMarried, Kathy and Kim, Cavemen). Wow, I watch too much TV.
TamaraC, not all Whedonverse actors were liked by EW magazine. I have every issue starting from issue #1 to the present, and they didn't like Alexis Denisof. They said that his acting and portrayal of Wesley wasn't very convincing or very good.
I'll be watching Dollhouse; I'm also interested in Cupid, since I really enjoyed Veronica Mars. Kings sounds intriguing -- I'd never heard of it before -- though it doesn't sound like the kind of thing that'd actually make it to Australia. Plus, I'll be starting uni, so I won't be able to watch as much TV as I usually do. :( I'll probably be mostly sticking to the shows I already know and like.
snowinhell you'll be surprised how much free time uni/college gives you. I think I watch more TV now since I got to college. When exams come around I tend to watch a whole show through Netflix - last exam period was BSG.
Kings sounds interesting. Cupid... not so much. Dollhouse is an obvious & the only reason I'm tuning into Castle is because of our Captain Hammer.
Little Green Kid, I guess that would be important to see in context. If it was early Wesley on Buffy, I would have to agree with them. If it was late Wesley on Angel, then , not so much.

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