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January 03 2009

Neil Patrick Harris hosting Saturday Night Live next week. Hopefully we get some sort of Horrible shout out.

Oh that is awesome, I hope he does get to sing something!
A shout out? Heck, let's hope Joss writes a Dr. Horrible sketch for him!
You guys need to think bigger- we could fit the whole darn SEQUEL in SNL's running time!

Seriously though, this is awesome and is going to be a great profile boost for NPH and for HIMYM. And here's hoping that Joe Plumber will see him on SNL and then proceed to Amazon to buy 'Dr Horrible' on DVD.

Will we see it at No 1 yet??!
Joss wouldn't be writing the sketch, but it will certainly be interesting too see if SNL consider DrH mainstream enough to lampoon. My guess is not, but you never know.
They could do it in a subtle "you'll get it if you know it" way that wouldn't even be noticed by regular viewers.
Hopefully, it'll be Horrible to watch. :=D
This is amazing news. Can't wait to see what he'll come up with!
Yay!! :) That is amazing. I love that show, and NPH is perfect for it. I can't wait to see it. I'm sure that they will mention dr horrible, even if it will be in that subtle way b!x mentioned. I'm just sad that the funniest person on SNL (Amy Poehler) quit a few weeks ago.
I'm so excited. I love SNL and was wondering when he would be making an appearance.
Yay, yay, yay! Super excited! SNL has been hit or miss these past few years, but mostly hits this season. And no, not just because of Tina Fey's awesome Palin-pression. I have a feeling this will be another hit. I reckon he will sing, at least in his opening monologue. Usually when they have an actor who can sing (or thinks they can... I'm lookin' at you, Catherine Zeta-Jones), they have them do just that. Again, super excited.
Man, Simon, I don't know which transformation is scarier i.e. more awsome-r.
I'm doin' the Snoopy Dance!! LOL!!
I caught part of the (first ?) SNL with Hugh Laurie and frankly it was embarrassingly unfunny IMO so hopefully this one will be better. Either way, I guess it can't hurt NPH's profile any.
Outstanding news! Neil makes me laugh so hard. Great talent there.
Please God let him do a sketch with Kristen Wiig...I have such a crush on her. She can just do, like, anything.

And now I'm imagining a Dr. Horrible sketch with Kristen Wiig as Penny and Bill Hader as Captain Hammer. Best thing ever? Just about.
Kristen Wiig? You and I both, UnpluggedCrazy.

BTW, Happy New Year to you.
me too Madhatter and UnpluggedCrazy! She's definitely my favourite cast member

I'm so excited! I was hoping that Eliza would be on at some point to promote Dollhouse but hey, this is just as good! :D
Cant wait to see NPH on SNL!!!!
I only see Paul Rudd at that link, not NPH.
This is going to be LEGEN...wait for it...keep waiting until next saturday for it...DARY!
Woo Hoo!!! I'm so freakin' excited :)

Tonya, I think Paul Rudd was on last night (it was a rerun).

And yes, Kristen Wiig really can do no wrong. Even when the sketches aren't the greatest, she is always the best part. Her characters are so colorful!
Wow, I might have to actually watch SNL for the first time in YEARS! Now I know what I am doing next Saturday night.
Saje - If you're talking about the Hugh Laurie episode a couple of weeks ago, that was his second time hosting. And yes, there was a bit to be desired, but coming off of the soul-hurtingly John Malkovich episode the week before, it was all right. Seriously, you know how they say funny folk often make great actors? Well, Malkovich proved that it doesn't always work the other way around. Anyway, do check out Hugh Laurie's first episode, if you can. It may not actually be as good as I remember it, but I do remember it being good enough to watch.
Out of interest, what accent did Hugh Laurie use when he was hosting...?
MattK, why would use any accent besides his natural one? Do you think Americans wouldn't be able to understand him? People do realize that House is a character and that Laurie is British. We expect him to have a British accent.
Yeah he used his own voice as you'd expect since he was hosting as Hugh Laurie rather than House (he apparently maintains it while he's working but not outside of that - Stephen Fry tells a story that Laurie was a bit ambivalent about seeing his old mucker while filming because he'd feel daft talking to him in an American accent but doesn't like to drop it during the working day, presumably in case he has trouble picking it up again).

It may not actually be as good as I remember it, but I do remember it being good enough to watch.

Heh, maybe it's not as bad as I remember then cos this was a while back that I watched it, certainly further back than a few weeks, so it's probably his first appearance. Not much is as subjective as humour though I reckon.
Who's the 'we' you're talking about TamaraC? I'm sure there are plenty of casual House viewers who don't know.
Let Down, and there are also plenty of idiots who think Obama is Muslim. The ill informed are everywhere, but that has no bearing on whether Laurie would for some strange reason put on an American accent to host SNL.
Geez, I had no idea that my not caring about "House" and my only knowing that Laurie is British through some mysterious kind of osmosis lumps me into a category of "idiots" and "the ill informed."
Let's all cool our jets. I'm not sure Hugh Laurie's birth accent is a subject worthy of unpleasantness. The topic is NPH on SNL. Ta.
Whatdya mean, Alexis Denisof is American!?!?

I stopped watching SNL after the Dennis Miller/Kevin Nealon/Jan Hooks era. It just wasn't funny for me any more. It got to rely far too much on "bathroom humor." I'm not amused by bodily function jokes, sorry. Toonces the Driving Cat is much more chuckle-inducing than some neurotic schoolgirl who crashes into things and sniffs her armpits.

Oh well. TEHO.
I soooo hope for a HIMYM sketch. Would make so very happy.
OT : For those like me who didn't know. The official lyrics to Dr Horrible Commentary! now available on
Well, I haven't seen SNL in years. But I'm seriously thinking about taking a peek for NPH. He makes everything better. :)
Balls! I totally have tickets to the dress rehearsal on Saturday, but I'm stuck at work in Massachusetts until 6 PM. *cough sniff* I think I feel a cold coming on...
British accents, whee!
I always love SNL.. but this episode was really really GREAT!! I loved NPH, but I have to say that I still miss Amy.

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