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January 04 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg may be back on "Gossip Girl". Michael Ausiello of "Entertainment Weekly" says that she may return as Serena's scary "friend", Georgina Sparks. It could happen towards the end of season two.

Shouldn't that be 'will' be back? he seems pretty categorical. I'm kinda sure I remember Ausiello doing a 'may' be back spoiler a week or two ago. Or maybe Kristin did it.
Thatll be good she made that show watchable
Once the GG producers confirm it, it will be "will", and it may make sense to take that route since "24" will be reaching its climax by then.
Yes, well, seems like since this has been reported as a 'may' already in December, it's just a rehash. Ausiello's only news here is that he knows someone who swears it's a 'will' and some speculation on her plotline.
Hmm yeah it does seem inevitable. Although it'd be nice if she changed a bit. I don't want the end of every season to involve Georgina Sparks coming to NYC, causing mischief and then leaving.

(and aren't the 'rumours' that the love child will be her just some 'here's the most absurd possibilities' thrown around as jokes?)
Heh. I considered whining about how no one noticed my "Michelle T. may return to GG" thread - but, somebody did! Thanks, cabri! ;)

I agree that some growth in MT's character would be good - though I suppose her film career may be keeping her too busy to be a regular....
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Mmm, may I suggest "dark dawn"?

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