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January 04 2009

Yet another XKCD reference to Summer Glau/Serenity. The comic deals with simplifying metric conversions (Summer is referenced under the length and volume columns).

This is my first post, I hope I didn't screw anything up! Don't forget the XKCD mouse-rollover special :)

I was just about to link to this very comic!

Oh XKCD, you win my heart again.
Also under length is "human tower of Serenity crew" and I guess the graphic is them too. Let's see, from top to bottom have we got Kaylee, Jayne, Inara, and Mal? As stick people?
Don't miss the title text when you hover your mouse over the comic, for that matter.

(Oops, didn't realize the original post continued after the cut. Never mind...)

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I thought the one on top of Mal had to be River, because she's balancing on one leg, but I could be wrong. (I love the way he can depict the coat with just two curvy lines, and it totally looks like Mal. At least to me.)
It's nice to have an international stick figure abbreviation for the Captain.
Great comic. and BTW,I agree, everyone should use the metric system.
I love all the little references.
I'm guessing the first person on the human tower is Mal and the last one is Zoe (cause of the hair) so who are the two in the middle? I think Kaylee and Wash.
I suppose it could also be Simon and River or some combination.
I don't think Jayne is there though.
If Jayne were there, he'd have to be on the bottom, because I think he's the biggest. I also think it would be too painful for his largesome man-ego to not be on the bottom of the tower. I thought it was Mal, Kaylee, Simon, and River.
But the real question is: Why is he trying to put Summer, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul in a refrigerator? My interpretation of the tower was (bottom up) Mal, River (one leg, also looks like the same figure from the Volume section), Simon (because of the hair, also logical) and Kaylee (same reasoning as for Simon). Regardless, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
And she's also 55 L. do you figure?

And the Bic pen is a centimeter...ok, so not going there. remember what Marcus said to Henry, Sr. - "The pen is mightier than the sword!"

Plus...I don't want to be around when that guy (?) orders a drink, thanks.
Hehehe, Summer also takes up 55 liters in volume. :D Munroe is just totally awesome.

ETA: Oh my goodness, and he's pushing Summer, Kucinich, and Ron Paul into the fridge!

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I really, really like xkcd. And this is one of the reasons why :).

Also: who's going to write a fanfic of what happens when Summer, Kucinich and Ron Paul sit in that fridge?

(weren't we supposed to start linking to less webcomics, btw? Not that I'd ever vote against linking to xkcd, but still ;))
XKCD is possibly the best thing ever. XKCD referencing my favorite verse characters/actors is mind-blowingly shiny. Also, those drawings are too funny. :-) Especially everyone being pushed into a refrigerator... hmm...
once again pure genius by mr. munroe.
[W]eren't we supposed to start linking to less webcomics, btw? Not that I'd ever vote against linking to xkcd, but still ;)

Even though this strip doesn't do much for me, we hadn't had a comic link in a while, so . . . (and it was katetwo's first :-). Which isn't to say that we are now going to have every random Whedon ref in a strip linked here - that's a lot of strips, I suspect.
Which isn't to say that we are now going to have every random Whedon ref in a strip linked here

It sure seemed liked we did for a while there, though, no? :)
For those who aren't familiar with XKCD, Randall Munroe has combined the cast of Serenity and stick figures before:

(and IMO XKCD is not just any webcomic)
It's been a while. And this made me smile. :)
Agreed with spooforbrains (nice B5 reference), xkcd is not just some obscure comic referencing Joss, it's a really important web-comic in geek circles. And, personally, my favorite web-comic, and one of the only 'must-read's for me currently. He has made Firefly references several times, especially to Summer Glau. Such as this one.

I always get the warm fuzzies when one of my favorite geeky things references/praises/acknowledges another of my favorite geeky things. ^_^
Yet another is right :).
I thought it was Jane (janehat), Summer (pose), Kaylee (hair) (but maybe Inara), and Mal (coat).

One of my daily web-hits.
That was hilarious, AnotherFireflyfan! :)
3L = a two-liter bottle?! That don't seem right.

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