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January 05 2009

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty - eleven questions asked. Interesting insights into how he draws Buffy season 8. And there's details about a cool little in-joke for the next issue of Buffy.

Not sure if that b/w artwork has been seen before. Potential cover art?

That picture of Willow from issue 2, what's up with the colors?

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The second image I think is new.It's a flip on the Jo Chen cover from issue 4.
Yeah, I noticed that too, Buffyfantic. So does this mean that Dawn's final transformation is to get all tiny?
And doll-like. Maybe it's the last step to becoming a real girl again.
LOL If that's true, then I can imagine Buffy saying to Dawn, grinning, "It's been a while since I was taller than you."
Hee hee, Mirage! I'm glad for the heads up on the spoiler since I never would have caught it.
Noticed that as well.

Interesting to hear his newness into the Buffy-verse. I agree with him- it was probably better not knowing Buffy fans until after a couple of issues. Talk about pressure. ;) And his drawings have improved. Personally, though, I thought Kennedy was okay; FD's character (name escapes me), however, needs improvement.
That second image could be Jeanty's cover for issue 25 maybe.

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