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January 05 2009

Voting opens for the 17th Wizard Awards. Buffy, Angel and Astonishing X-Men all get nominated for various categories.

I'd like to have seen Jo Chen get at least a nomination. That Willow statue was nice though. :-)
Great to see lots of Buffy up there. And IDW as well. And very glad to see Astonishing X-Men with Kitty Pride's final moment. :)
Lot of excellent Joss work cited there. I hope Astonishing wins some stuff. :)
Me too, I think it contains some of Joss' best writing to date.
It is painful when they pit Astonishing vs Y.
Was hoping for more IDW to vote for. There are a lot of comics that I'm surprised to see weren't on the list (Fables 75, for example). Glad there was lots of Buffy, though!
A very disappointing list. I had hoped to only vote in some categories, but it wouldn't let me. Since the only comics I read are the Whedonverse stuff (including Astonishing), George RR Martin's Hedge Knight TPBs, as well as Star Wars: Legacy, plus borrowing my friend's Walking Dead and Y: Last Man Trade paper backs, the list was comprised mostly of stuff I couldn't care less about. Seriously, the listing of Whedon's work was very incomplete, and not one Star Wars comic? Very sad, IMHO.

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