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January 05 2009

It's even highlighted (together with "Castle") as one of the shows on TV Guide editors' watchlist. And you can vote for Dollhouse or Castle for Biggest Mid-Season Hit over at TV By The Numbers.

Here's what they've got to say about it (besides the obligatory summary of the show's premise):

The latest, reshot pilot still reveals some flaws ó the biggest problem with Dollhouse may be what goes on inside the Dollhouse - but the missions, er, engagements are kinda cool, as Echo immerses herself in each new personality. We're going to give Team Whedon-Dushku some latitude on this one.

the biggest problem with Dollhouse may be what goes on inside the Dollhouse

does that mean they don't like the story Whedon wants to tell about the organisation? they don't like Adelle?

well, I can live with that.
wiesengrud, could you capitalize your sentences per our rules, cheers.

I've also added Rikardo's poll to the entry.
Yep, sorry.

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For me, the part of the story that will revolve around Dollhouse itself, which will hopefully form some kind of a season-long story arc, is definitely more interesting and intriguing than the individual missions of the dolls. Iím not saying that the missions canít or wonít be interesting as well, quite contrary, I expect them to be enjoyable, exciting, entertaining, even thought-provoking and instrumental in bringing the show to some really dark places, but the mythological and serialized element is something Iím looking forward to more.
For what it's worth, "Leverage" with Christian Kane is also on the watchlist.

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