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January 05 2009

(SPOILER) More preview pages for this week's Buffy #21. Also a preview page for the MySpace Dark Horse Presents tie-in to the issue by Jane Espenson and Karl Moline.

Still can't tell Jeanty's Harmony and Jeanty's Buffy apart (just look at the "Cut that guy out ..." panel in these preview pages). I'm much more excited about Moline's take on her.

Best line so far: "Pffft. She's no Tina Fey." Nice tie-in to Willow's Anywhere But Here fantasy. ;)
I've liked Jeanty's art overall but I also agree that his Harmony looks a little too much like his Buffy.It's hard to tell them apart when she's not vamped out.

I need to see more of Karl Moline's art in the tie-in but from this one preview page from that,I think his Harmony is easier to tell apart from his Buffy.

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im curios to see how this is goin to tie in with the conclusion of after the fall....
Oh, what fun!
"I think I fingered a zeitgeist."

Looks cod-mouthed at zeitgeist.
This issues looks to be layers and layers of amazing. Buffy reading about Harmony's reality show in a magazine is pretty hilarious, to start.
I do not believe Harmony would ever know what the hell a zeigeist is. Ever.

But I guess outing vamps in public is the big change, huh?
To me, the thing about the Harmony depiction compared to the Buffy depiction - it's all about the cheekbones and the chin. Jeanty draws Harmony's cheekbones to be these big round apples where as Buffy's face is more delicate in bone structure. None of Buffy's features standout more than the other (except for the tip of her nose) and they're all balanced well. Harmony's chin is also big for her face and more square than Buffy's pointed. The bridge of Harmony's forehead is also drawn to be more pronounced, not exactly caveman brow but...well almost.
"Vampire Gets Taste of A. Dick." So...we were right, then. That is actually Andy Dick. Which makes it even funnier. Also, best headline or greatest headline?
I do not believe Harmony would ever know what the hell a zeigeist is. Ever.

Using the term so awkwardly, and I'd argue, inaccurately, suggests she doesn't really understand it all that well and is clumsily reaching for a more sophisticated way to say "start a trend." Pure Harmony.
Shout out to those at Dark Horse - can we get a trade paperback collection of all the Whedon-related 'Myspace Presents' comics? (ie. Captain Hammer, Moist, Serenity, this Buffy comic, maybe Sugarshock).
I can't wait to read the fan theories as to how this fits in with Angel (though apparently we won't get an proper answer from what I remember Scott Allie saying).
We'll have to see how L.A. turns out when ATF ends. Maybe this takes place afterwards (in a restored L.A.?).
I love that Willow makes another Tina Fey remark. With Jane back on, I'm expecting great things from this issue :)
"Shout out to those at Dark Horse - can we get a trade paperback collection of all the Whedon-related 'Myspace Presents' comics? (ie. Captain Hammer, Moist, Serenity, this Buffy comic, maybe Sugarshock)."--Let Down

It'd also be nice if they threw in the Tales of the Slayers and four Buffy one-shots that Doug Petrie and Jane wrote for them back in the day. I know I'd buy it.
Ah, Jane. This promises to be so fine.
First time I hear anything about the tie-in, what a pleasant suprise. Yay Jane! This looks like so much fun! (Hey, I'm saying the same thing as every else, especially toast)
Eventually we all do, the Groosalugg.
the guy that harmony is bitting on... is that "the suit" from the long way home?
As of the ends of the two shows, I had stopped liking the characters, and was not sad to see the last of those still alive, except for Lorne, Faith, and Harmony. I think I'll stop liking Harmony afetr this as well.
I'm very super excited, this looks incredibly funny. but it feels like more fluff after that dream issue.
I think it's only supposed to feel like fluff, Cazador, while setting up the biggest event in recent Buffyverse history.
If everyone falls in love with Harmony, will slayers be seen as "the big evil" by the general populace? This could make things very difficult for our heroines.
Good point quantumac and this will fit in with the us agency to take down the slayers. Use Harmony as a pretty picture for vamps win public opinion over and bam a nice witch hunt to publicly take out slayers. Slayers being hunted world over as terorist.
That or no one would take it serouisly. People will probably think it is scripted. a sex in the city meets trueblood.
Though if the above jest is true... hmmm a witch hunt to take out buffy's organzation. Use joe public where magic and mad science fails....Buffy's face on americans most wanted

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