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January 05 2009

Got a question for your favourite Fox star? There's a Fox press junket coming soon and the TV Addict is looking for questions. Joss Whedon, Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett and David Boreanaz will be there so get your thinking caps on.

I can never think of questions to ask in this sort of situation.

Looking at the questions being, I had no idea how much House fans love Cuddy and downright loathe Thirteen. Some of the questions to Olivia Wilde are downright vicious.
What's on all of their ipods?
How many seasons will we have to wait for the Dollhouse musical?
WHY aren't there any questions for Dollhouse up there? I don't know if I should be happy about that or not. :-/
I asked a bunch. Perhaps the moderators have not posted them yet.
Thanks, ricetxpeaches.
This whole thing has obviously been rigged by the folks at Edelsteinesque.

My question for Joss: Who are you, and why are you here?
I honest to god couldn't think of anything to say for DB or the Dollhouse crew, though I did get some questions to Tim Roth (whom I've been a huge fan of for years) and Garrett Dillahunt (who's become a favorite over the past season). I guess not having seen much of the show and it's characters makes it hard to think of what to say.
Are you now or have you ever been?
I guess it would be wrong to ask Tahmoh Penikett who the fifth Cylon is.
What's on all of their ipods?

Nooo! I've seen this question and some variations on it in action. It sounds like it might be revealing, but not so much, and the time it takes away from all other questions in a round-robin can be stultifying. Maybe ask one person what the single most meaningful song or movie is for them.
I'm pretty sure that was a joke, since it comes up here jokingly pretty much constantly.
Maybe, but you can't be too careful.

What I'd like to ask Tahmoh is: Do you feel that you've moved from being a supporting character to being a lead, or the lead, on Dollhouse?
So, Joss, why do you write these strong women characters?

streetartist wins the Internet for tonight
I had no idea how much House fans love Cuddy and downright loathe Thirteen.

They're mostly shippers I think, that's generally where you find that sort of vehemence. Not every 'House' fan dislikes 13 or feels like Huddy is The One True Love (going too far down any of those roads could be a mistake IMO but I realise they need to keep moving the character if not on then at least around).

To -

Eliza: Is there more to the soul than the sum of our memories, experiences and biology ?

Tahmoh: What's your favourite book and why ?

Joss: How would Buffy beat Batman (unless you intend to actually write it one day cos then don't tell me) ?
Are any of you posting your questions on the website?
Not sure, i'd have to read everyone else's comments to see if any of my questions are dupes and them's the badlands out there, there be monsters ;).
I asked a Xander-related question that I hope will be accepted, even tough I might have accused our dear Joss of writing Xander out of character... In a subtle way, of course.

I really hope that they won't go for the "ipod"-like questions, but it's not like I expect it to be a superserious Q&A, where the participants have to be very careful about what they say not to upset fans/make a statement they want to take back later. After all, the question I asked about is about a episode that took place years ago. I might have to save my questions for a panel.
Oh, please post, Saje. It looks all lonely without Dollhouse questions. :(
Hey my question is there! Neat.
Mine too (I called Orson).
Hmmm, seems to be several Joss can you predict the future questions.

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