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January 05 2009

He's baaa-ack. Dr. Horrible resurfaces on

Hoorah. Thanks for the heads up, redeem147.
Yeah! That was scary!
Congrats! No one should be deprived of a healthy dose of ELE!
Out of curiosity, what is a healthy dose of The Evil League of Evil? Isn't it like arsenic in that there is no level of exposure that is healthy or normal?
where did the CD go though?
Slightly off-topic, sorry, but has any UKer received their copy yet from .com?
Yep, got one of the ones I ordered on the 24th of December. Bloody handy cos it was a Christmas present ;).

ETA: I went for the intermediate delivery method though (not the super-fast one but not the "slow boat to China" either).

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I got my two copies on the 24th too :)
Snap, got mine on Christmas eve as well. So far it's made it round a good half dozen people in my office, all of whom have ordered/pre-ordered based on credit card availability!
Yeah, my copy arrived Dec 27th (with the Expedited International Shipping option). Which was nice, since that was my birthday!
Has anybody some infos about when the (promised) dubbed versions will be available ?
Ahh I'm still waiting for mine, probably because I went for slow slow shipping.
My medium shipping copy arrived on the 24th. The slow shipping copy I ordered for my friend, which I didn't actually order until the 19th so it was dispatched a day after most copies, on the 20th, arrived last Wednesday.
Has anybody some infos about when the (promised) dubbed versions will be available ?

When were there dubbed versions promised?
Aaaanndd ordered>! Along with the soundtrack and the Better Days tbp. I also was going to order the second AtF hardcover, but that was a bit too pricey for me right now.

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brynmars I went for slow shipping also and got mine this Saturday just past.
@The One True b!X : as the Whedons announced the features of the DVD(especially Commentary! the Musical) they said that there will be dubbed versions
Are you sure they didn't just mean the subtitles?
I don't believe anyone said anything about dubbed versions. I could be wrong, but I don't remember this at all.
I ordered two copies and the CD from the .com for the UK using the ordinary postage rather than expedited shipping. All arrived safe and sound around the 29th December.
Hmm. The DVD is currently #2 on, behind only Battlestar Galactica 4.0. The the Firefly Blueray is #3. (Though that is still $89.95. I bought mine at Futureshop on Boxing Day for only $30.00. It was worth standing in line.)

Does anyone know if the horrible doctor was ever number 1 on
Thanks for that info, redeem147. I was not left bereft due to the generous auspices of a couple of Whedonesquers, AlanD and Lioness, but it will be nice to have a lending copy as well as the Christmas present for my nephew! I will also be ordering the CD.
You are more than welcome Samatwitch. "Generous auspices" seem an appropriate exchange for that generous bag o'spices you got me. (cumin is a spice, right?)
I totally didn't buy myself a copy of Firefly Blu Ray on boxing day even though I don't per-se own a PS3 yet.

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