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"This whole curse thing has been widely misinterpreted..."
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January 06 2009

"Book Your Playtime for the Dollhouse Now." So says Pop Culture Examiner, while the New York Times buzzes about "Joss Whedon's much anticipated techno-mystery, with Eliza Dushku."

Six hours later.

Sorry to be the bearer of glad news.
Well, what kinda response do you expect when you cancel a good picnic? ;)
I love reading simply "much anticipated." What - no "troubled?" Ahhhhh. Sweet relief.
"Techno-mystery" makes me picture dark industrial scenery, 90s hair and clothes, and the soundtrack from Run Lola Run. I do not think I am going to get that from Dollhouse.
You just totally gave away a perfectly good Run Lola Run fantasy idea for a Dollhouse client!
Hercule Poirot better be the programmed personality in this assignment.
Eliza could even rock a moustache.

Both those blurbs were entirely positive, I don't think these guys got the memo.

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