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January 06 2009

January 2009 American Airlines inflight magazine profiles Alyson Hannigan. Just a short Q&A, but it was a nice surprise on the flight yesterday!

"People can have great chemistry on camera and hate each other off it"

I wasn't watching the show during the Buffy WB/UPN years and I've never really read much about how the BtVS cast related with each other off-screen. The least I saw was a good rapport among cast members at the PaleyFest panel but Alyson wasn't in it. I would love to see her with the other major players in future conferences (if there'll be more).
Aww, she likes elephants.
There's also a short interview lower down the page with Lee Pace (Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies) who talks briefly about his new movie (Possession) with Sarah Michelle Gellar.
bigsofty, you're right - I with my crush on Lee Pace was happy to read that yesterday as well!
That's a lovely (and sexy) photo of the lovely (and sexy) Ms. Hannigan!
I've never really read much about how the BtVS cast related with each other off-screen

In this wide ranging interview Joss mentions that "when we started... I let a lot of tension on the set" and that "it was just people getting their personal issues or their rivalries... creep into the energy of the set. That was the problem." However he does say that he's "talking about things that, on a Hollywood scale, are tiny. My cast always came to play, always came knowing their stuff, doing the work, doing the best. Whatever bad energy they had before the cameras rolled, they didnít put it on the screen. But at the same time, there was a lot of tension."
thanks for the link, Derf. It's very insightful. Even touched upon some of the things I hated about season 7 but I guess that's another story :)

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