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January 06 2009

(SPOILER) Anatomy of a fight scene (with Christian Kane). Video footage of Christian and a guest star rehearsing a fight scene for TNT's "Leverage". Additionally, Gina Bellman updated her TV guide blog for tonight's episode, entitled The Stork Job, in which Mark Sheppard again appears as Jim Sterling.

And last but by no means least, in today's Kung Fu Monkey blog, among some behind-the-scenes info and photographs, John Rogers reveals that the episode Sam Anderson is appearing in is The Snow Job.

I liked seeing the video. It is always interesting to see behind the scenes stuff other than just interviews done while seated in a director's chair. I also enjoyed Gina's blog for the insightfulness.
I'm enjoying Leverage. It's a bit silly, but I'm always pleasantly surprised by a really funny line here and there. The overall fun of the show keeps me watching.

I love Gina Bellman. She needs to work for Joss so we can talk about her on here more! :)

Christian Kane is great on Leverage. Gina and Christian are the reasons I watch that show.
Thanks for the post Menomegirl, I am enjoying the show more than anticipated. I started watching b/c of CK and Gina Bellman (I loved Jane on Coupling!) I wish they would add some story arcs or sub-plot arcs. Without them, I think it will be hard to maintain weekly, satisfying done-in-one's. Without the arcs, I think the show could turn into a Fox Force Five. (Ketchup!)
They're making phwoosh sounds with their mouths!
There is at least one story arc in Leverage that I can think of Alexreager. That is of course Jim Sterling (mentioned above) and sterling security. The formula for the show loves to throw a curve ball into the mix mid-episode, and Jim Sterling is perfect for that. Since he is appearing in at least 5 episodes this season, I would at least call him a sub-plot nemesis if not a full fledged a story arc.

He represents the type of man that helps governments and corporations screw people out of their money. If he can catch them and send them to jail then he is officially a story arc.

I think the aforementioned “curveball” plot line gimmick is going to drive me nuts long before the “Fox force Five” stereotype drives e away.

Maybe Jim sterling will succeed in foiling their plans during the “curve ball” at some point, instead of his character just getting outsmarted all the time.

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