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"Sorry Agent Ballard, you don't get the girl."
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January 06 2009

Neil Patrick Harris on 'Anytime with Bob Kushell'. Watch it, if only for the Anthony Michael Hall comment. And more Neil goodness can be found in the latest 'best of' list.

hehe.. funny but short. The AMH comment was funny. The first time Neil mentioned the guy that ran the dramacamp, Mark Medoff, I thought he said Mark Metcalf.. I had to rewind and listen to it again.
Can't load it. Does it work for most (but me)?
Works fine for me.
Can't load it. Does it work for most (but me)?

I'd go further and state categorically that it works for everyone in the world but you korkster.

(kiddin' - works fine for me though, Firefox 3.0.5, Win XP)

Yep, too short but funny. NPH is clearly pretty quick-witted and that makes for chatty chuckles.
It took a long time to load up, and I had to sit through the cold blooded murder of a poor dog.... but NPH is ALWAYS worth waiting for!
Oh he loved it, up until the shooting part anyway.
You know what? You cursed me, Saje. The video still won't play for me. And I'm on Firefox.

This round to you.

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