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January 06 2009

Los Angeles Times interview with Jane Espenson. Fun little interview with Jane concerning her work on Buffy and BSG plus a mention of Dollhouse.

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It's always nice to read about Jane, she so clever and seems like such a nice person. Looking forward to getting more exposed to her work again with the Buffy comic and Dollhouse coming up. Her enthousiasm and participation also reminds me (once again) that I'll have to give BSG a chance sometime soon.
Is it to much to ask that people at least acknowledge photo credit. Darn it.
(That sucks - you should write them, though they may not respond.

Feels crappy to get ripped off, doesn't it? My sympathies.)

Always good to hear from Jane !Kittens! Espenson.
It is a great picture. You can comment on the story, RavenU.
Love Jane! Very happy she's on the DOLLHOUSE team...

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