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January 06 2009

'Harmony Bites' - a Buffy Season 8 tale. Karl Moline and Jane Espenson collaborate to bring us "Harmony Bites".

OMG - I am so going to get this.
This is already extremely awesome, and we've only seen a few pages.
I love how she can't pronounce courtesy.
And of course, the long awaited return of Clem. He's such a nice guy, how did he fall in with harmony? =(
Isn't it Karl Moline?!
haha yea im big with the type-o's lol
Are they eating frozen yogurt? Homage or crazy random happenstance?
Hm. As usual with Clem and Harmony when in separate scenes, I'm not really sure how disturbed to be versus amused. Specifically in regard to the and related,
I love Clem! It's so good to see some awesome Buffy Alum in the comics. I know what I'm buying tomorrow after work!
Fun little story.Is the Harmony Bites feature going to be an ongoing thing for a while at Dark Horse Presents?The way it ended,it felt like we might get another episode next month.Does anybody know?

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Wait ... shouldn't Harmony be in ATF? At the very least, shouldn't she be trapped in LA?
Jor, there has been some discussion wondering about this in the past, but evidently she somehow had enough time in her last scene in the last episode to slip town before the hell curtain came down. Maybe they'll say something about that in the next few comics.
This news/feature/preview was already presented in a recent post. So, deleting.
I posted this as well but didn't realise it had been deleted. Turns out this is longer than the aforementioned preview and I've restored this entry.
This isn't a preview, is it? It's just a one-shot thing, like Sugarshock, but 66% shorter? This is the impression I'd gotten.

Anyway, I thought it was fairly wonderful, and I love to see Jane's writing again. I'm looking forward to her .
It's a special tie-in for Buffy #21 (which is out today). I hope it gets included in the relevant Buffy season 8 tpb.
Oh, wow. The first Buffy of the new year and it's already awesome.

Clem is so cool.
heh, ;).

Nice bit o' work, thankee Jane E and Karl M (and Dark Horse).

(as to the tenor of the thing, Harmony wasn't exactly a good person even in life and she doesn't have a soul or a chip to stop her being a "true" vampire. Every now and again I reckon it's cool to be reminded, even in a joky way, that the bad-guys in Joss' world have - literally ;) - teeth)
"My sweater!"

Snarfle. Beware cashmere sets of the world - Harmony bites!
It suggests a getout for the Buffyverse knowing about vampires - it's a reality show and those are all fake.
loved it! This was really, totally awesome! It was a lovely addition to my day. Oh and I'm completely voting for Harm being right.
My problem with vampires in the 'verse is them being good when they have no soul (see for example, spike, though he does prove that having a soul doesn't make you good). Harmony, huzzah, never has this problem. She's brilliant in that regard.
My one problem with it is that Clem shouldn't like the other demon who got work done. He finds tight skin unattractive.

And how did they become friends?
Umm, err, Harmony knows how to fight now? Awesome!

Jor: Well, maybe Harmony ahd time to get otuside the radiius of the Hell-A effect. Or maybe she's actually working for whoever set it up and they let her out to do this public relations scam for vampires. Or Hell-A only alsted a few weeks and this isa fter that situation dissolved, since S-8 has covered several months already, they're at leats in November if not actually in 2005 already. Or Hell-A is actually an illusion in the S-8 B'verse.

alpha5099: Maybe Clem has loosened up on his standards. Maybe there's a CLuffy future, it has its advocates, not me, though.

Saje Sparticus :At least 2 or 3 other people on Buffy communtiies elsewhere agree with me that if Harmony did get her soul back it wouldn't make any difference, or at least not so you'd notice.

Seriosu question, nto teasing; I think I've reahced the point where my own AU ahs to break off from the Canonverse, this is just crowding into my timing even if I re-write "Two Pairs of High Heels, or When the Sun Goes Down," (my one-night-stand Faimony slash fic) to bump it up a year.

Given that, would it be tacky and disrespectful of me to continue buying the comics?
Somewhat OT, but am I the only one who would like to digest these story arcs without illustration? Ideally, the arcs would be video, but as that seems to be impossible, I'd like to just read them as scripts or even straight-up stories. The visual likeness of the characters is too weak for me, and I'd prefer to create the images in my head without being distracted by the ones on the page.
I loved it. It was such a fresh way to start 09. :) Maybe Clem is one of the friends the network bought for Harmony.

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