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January 07 2009

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for Buffy #24. Stunning art work by Jo Chen. There's also details about the seventh Buffy omnibus out on June 23rd.

This should please a lot of fans.

Edit: this should please a lot of "male" fans.
Well I do have a huge man crush on Giles.
I'm pretty sure I live in a world where it should please some female fans, also.
That is freaking amazing artwork.
Really is, I am so pleased to see Giles again. I did miss him.
This female fan is pleased :) um HOT!
and Giles looks old... which makes me kinda sad
Got to be said thats Jo's best cover yet!!
Even better than my personal favourite #7 (which ironically also featured Giles/Faith)
Giles and Faith again. I can't see any way this won't be the best issue of the upcoming arc.

Well, I can see several ways, but none of them are likely, just because of the sheer awesomeness of these characters.
Really is, I am so pleased to see Giles again. I did miss him.

My sentiments exactly... how long has it been since we have seen Giles? Was it #9? That is well over a year ago now, if it really was not for two arcs... I guess we saw him in #20, but it was a dream sequence.

Feels wrong somehow, but this is the issue I am most excited about this arc.

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Yeah, I don't believe we've seen either Giles or Face since 2007. Damn.

Anyway, yes, this is a beautiful cover. Go Jo!
Jo Chen is a goddess. I got around to my long-planned re-read of Season 8 yesterday, so I'm all excited about the comics again. :) I really like the Ombibus cover, too; such a rarity to see Buffy and Spike side by side nowadays.
very nice cover, jo chen is amazing
Wow--stunning again. I just love Jo Chen...and yay for Giles and Faith being back! (I missed them:))
Absolutely stunning art, as always, by Jo Chen. As for the contents of the comic itself, all I have to say is, "Finally!" I've been waiting to see what's up with those two for ages.
Fantastic art, as per usual, for the long-awaited return of this pair. Roll on April.
Just beautiful! It's a truly stunning piece of Giles and Faith. Beautiful renditions. Even though Faith is looking hot, I think my favorite part is the Giles portrait. It's just perfect.

Odd question here but does Faith look a little...asymmetrically endowed?
Ooh, that's a big library. Somewhere in Oxford, maybe? Giles starting to rebuild some lost Watcher knowledge?

And Faith looks nice too.
Wonderful, both the Giles & Faith cover and the Omnibus cover beneath. Okay, Faith boobs are a bit high, but other than that, great.
Another great Jo Chen cover. Now I know the previous 18 or so covers were not just a fluke. Giles' likeness is uncanny. And Faith, well, she's bigger than life!

(This cover begs the question, when do we get to see a Jo Chen Vampirella cover?)
Without a doubt the best season 8 cover so far
Another great cover from Jo Chen.This might be my favorite yet.
this is prolly my least favortie cover.... faiths body looks all wonky

[ edited by twilightisfallin on 2009-01-07 17:31 ]
twilightisfallin, I'm right there with ya. Except it seems all kinds of awkward to explain why the proportions are bothering me. But I must say that Giles' depiction is nigh on perfection and Faith's face is one of the best we've seen done by Chen.
I love Jo Chen, but this is probably my least favorite of her covers so far... the "asymmetrical endowment," to paraphrase Emmie, distracts me from the loveliness of the rest of the artwork.
Yay, a new Faith and Giles adventure.
CBR has a higher-res version if you need to see those two in better quality.
I think the reason why she looks asymmetrical is because there's probably some foreshortening involved with her left, uh, endowment, so the volume looks different. And if she's in the middle of turning, they'd look different anyway, what with gravity/velocity/whatever-is-involved-with-fluffy-moving-endowments.

That being said, if she's a Slayer that does all sorts of acrobatics and whatnot... why doesn't she have a sports bra?
Yay! 'Bout time for a Faith follow-up!
Asking why Faith isn't wearing a sports bra seems to fall into the same category as asking why does Buffy always seem to be wearing high heels. :)
I always wanted Buffy to drive her wooden high heels into a vampire and dust him/her so. That would have been so cool.

Faith's twisting puts me off a bit, but I LOVE the Giles head- perfect. My favorite Faith cover is when she's ripping off her own skin with flames surrounding her (I think it was the last one if her arc).
Umm, how can you tell in a still picture?
Willow wasn't far off when she called Faith a cleavagey slut bomb. I'm looking forward to this :)
DaddyCatALSO, her legs are facing one way and her torso is facing another. Her hair looks like it's in movement. I think she's twisting her body in the cover. Maybe she's stepping out of something, winding up to punch, whatever. The way her body is drawn on the cover doesn't jive with me as much as previous Faith depictions.

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