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January 07 2009

Stephen Mooney mentions his wish to do a Illyria/Wes arc. Also in the post we see a sketch that's probably for the Not Fade Away comic.

That's a nice sketch of Wes. And yep, agreed, his arc vies with Spike's for most complete and satisfying of either series IMO.
I would love to see a Wes/Illyria mini or one-shot set during season 5.
I like this guy. :)
I loved the way Wes came into his own on Angel. He ranks up there with Anya's tactless wit and Spike willingness to do what he always thought was right (even if not so right in others eyes). It is why I enjoyed those characters tremendously.

Admittedly, I was jealous Alexei got to roll around with Stephanie Romanov too.
I would love to read a Wes/Illyra arc! Wes (dark Wes) was my favorite character on Ats. And his transformation from geek to badass was truly the best storyline.
An original season five-set story would rule. Great to know how much he appreciates the character too.
He's just gotta be one of the coolest fictional characters ever, in any medium.

I heartily agree. He was definitely my favorite character. Bring on the Wes/Illyria arc! I would so love that. This guy can actually draw Wes too.
I wish they could land the rights for him to become a resident ghost on BtVS S-8; she needs a real grown-up around. (tossing away broken record now)

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