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January 07 2009

(SPOILER) Who's that girl? New info about Miracle Laurie's current character in Dollhouse.

Just to remind you, here's what Joss had to say about Miracle's new character in his post here on whedonesque back in October, when he first revealed all the changes that have been made to the show:

Similarly, the character of November has fallen out of the mix, because the show simply moves too fast now for me to do what I wanted with her. Season three, anyone...? Happily, Miracle Laurie is still with us in a new role, playing against (and pining for) Tahmoh's character, Paul Ballard. Their chemistry is deeply nifty.

Is it reliable info?
She's pretty. Ahd the great thing is that they could make that new character to November at any time. =)
Yep, anyone could turn out to be an active (or an ex-active) at any time (though it's a card that's easy to overplay, 'sparingly' is the operative word I reckon).
Is it reliable info?

One of the pics has "On Set with Allan Kroeker" as caption. Kroeker is doing one episode of Dollhouse. (Of course, that can also be googled. But it would be a pretty elaborate google. But maybe that's the point. Oh, damn, now you got me paranoid. ;)
Start your Valentine's weekend off right by falling in love with DOLLHOUSE - FEBRUARY 13TH AT 9PM ON FOX

That's an interesting promotional angle.
Simon: Dunno, but in one of the articles on Miracle’s official web, I found that "the site was registered by a fan the day Joss announced her involvement in Dollhouse, and Miracle, flattered, said he could keep it." So maybe the owner of the site, as a passionate Miracle Laurie fan, has some connection to her or her representatives, who might gave him the info. If not anything else, they at least know that the site exists and if there was false info, they might contact him and tell him to remove it.

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Btw, just out of curiosity, can I ask why was my original post edited to not include the details about Miracle’s character in the extended description?
Because it contained spoilers. What people write in the extended description field gets picked up by our RSS feed. So I edited your entry to avoid our subscribers getting spoiled unintentionally.
Ok, thanx for the clarification. I thought that if you put on a spoiler warning, it’s allowed to write spoilers in the extended description, so I was a little confused by the reason of the deletion. Anyway, will be wiser next time. ;-)
[deleted by request]

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Somehow I had assumed that she'd be a fellow agent of Ballard's, not just a "sweet next door neighbor." I hope she gets to do some interesting stuff.
'Sweet next-door neighbour' (if true) suggests to me either a) Miracle Laurie clicked so well that Joss basically cast her in the only part he could just to work with her or b) she's very far from just a sweet next-door neighbour.
b) she's very far from just a sweet next-door neighbour.

Which, perhaps, goes back to what Donnie said above...
Well, yeah. Maybe the character of November hasn’t fallen out of the mix at all. Maybe they’re just going for a different approach and only want us to think, that she’s out of the mix. Maybe Adelle sent her to gather information on Paul’s knowledge about Dollhouse like she did with Victor in Echo and the subsequent big revelation in the later episodes is supposed to be a huge shocking twist (at least to the more casual and less invested viewers, who don’t over-examine everything about the show like we here).
I've sent Miracle a me-mail asking if this site is 'official'.
Did anyone ever notice that you can't have gossip without gossi? Just thought I'd point that out.
gossi: he's gossip without the pee.
Anuris, are you suggesting that we pick pick pick pick pick it apart? :)
Hmm, just noticed this announcement on Miracle’s official site:

Miracle is currently a Recurring Guest Star in Joss Whedon's DOLLHOUSE on Fox.

Fridays at 9pm on Fox starting in February 2009!!!

For more info on Dollhouse, please visit:

So I guess it’s pretty much official. They probably wouldn’t point people who visit her official site and want to know more about her involvement in Dollhouse to a dubious fansite which contains fake info.

And also, here, the owner of the site himself says, that he’s in contact with Miracle’s representatives, who want to use the domain for her official site.
Anuris, are you suggesting that we pick pick pick pick pick it apart? :)

From time to time... ;-)
I'd like the idea of her character being a recurring 'sweet next door neighbour' who will become more and more involved with Paul and in the myth of the Dollhouse and then one day she just disappears, and Paul would have to save her from the Dollhouse. Nobody will believe that the Dollhouse has anything to do with it, but he knows better..
...? Or what? Ah, don't leave me hanging!
Maybe some dolls have been, you know, in place for a while.
Maybe we'll find out in season 3? :)

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