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January 07 2009

Knit Wash's Sweater. A less-flowery addition to Whedonverse Wear for the craftily inclined. Would look cunning with a Jayne hat, don't ya think?

oh I want one!! anyone knit?
I'll be giving this one a try - the pattern isn't as easy as, say, a Jayne's hat, but not too hard.
I'd rather have Simon's big black coat. I think he wears it in the same episodes that the sweater appears.
That pattern kicks serious ass.
Totally cool.

My mother's a knitter (And weaver) so I sent this link to her, just 'cause.

When the LotR movies came out, one of her weaving groups had a big discussion about the Elven cloaks, and a few months back she asked me "Did Willow or anyone on the show ever wear a shawl or something like it?" because another group was talking about that article of clothing.
MikeTMC- gave me my first chuckle of the day. Sweet.
lol @ MikeTMC

I appreciate the coverage of knitting/crocheting stuff as it relates to the Whedonverse, even if I'm not myself a knitter/crocheter. I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but I especially like how the idea of craftiness intersects with the Firefly crew and its DIY attitudes and underdog status.

Anyway, maybe this'll inspire me to take up knitting :)
Can we knit this out of some kind of strong protective yarn that will stop giant poles from impaling Wash?
Excellent suggestion, embers... lest we run into that dangerous old knitting standby: "knit one, pole (purl) two" (grin)
Too bad most of the conventions I go to (where I would wear something like this and have it recognized) are in the summer months. I was only able to keep Jayne's hat on for a few minutes at a time at Dragon Con in Atlanta last year.

Seeing hundreds of little brown and orange hats dot a room that held thousands of people was really cool.(in a hot, not so cool way) There was even a girl that dressed entirly as Jayne's hat.
I saw photos of the giant Jayne Hat costume... I thought it was brilliant.

My favorite part was the fact that the earflaps were connected to her arms by strings so they could be raised/curled.

I hope she won an award or something- it was most cunning.

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