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January 07 2009

Buffy season 3 : the trailer is here. Remember these awesome fan trailers ? well the trailer for season 3 has finally been posted. Enjoy.

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I know ! I hope he'll put it back soon, it was even better than the one for season 2.

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Aw I got all excited. Then I saw it had been removed. :(
Aww, same here Emmie! I hope that he'll upload it again soon.
Ok, I'm going to bed. But it should be uploaded again very soon, so it would be nice if someone could put the new link when it works ;)

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they are awesome!!!
These are amazing!
Those first two were great. I wish the networks would learn how to advertise like that.
It's up again (and awesome).

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I remain in awe of how fantastic these are.
I don't know why they're being made, but keep them coming! They truly capture BtVS as it should be, and makes my day every time.
Oh wow that was awesome. The way the action amped up towards the end and then the funny ending with Giles and Xander. Hee!

Giles: Well uh something, something very strange is happening.
Xander: Can you believe the Watcher's Council let this guy go?
They're all fabulous. I like this one better that Two, but One is still my favourite.

That might change if Four comes out though, 'cause then I could say that my faves are Three then One then Four, like with Pi. Shpedoing.
I'm lovin' this stuff!
The interplay between Faith and Buffy is set up SO well. Very impressive once again.
AMAZING. I can't wait for the next 4 seasons.... please keep making these! They really do capture each season of the show perfectly. Thanks to whoever made these.
Niiiice!!!! I do this kind of thing all the time. Unfortunately, even though I have the complete series and top of the line editing software, I just don't have the space required on my hard drive right now. Regardless, these are very well done. Just wish I could join in the fun, is all. :)
Really well done, again!
Very snazzy work for My Favourite Season. Well done, youtuber!
Perhaps I should show this to any one of a million friends who think Buffy is silly.
Ah, such a beautiful way to start the day. Is there anything better to wake up to than Buffy?
Which reminds me, I have to read the comic.
I can't wait for the season 5 promo.
Goosebumps every time. Excellent work.
Wow. That is some of the best editing I have seen in a long time. Better than a lot of REAL trailers, even. Congrats to this guy.
Just amazing. I'm with korkster - the networks could learn a thing to two from these trailers.
Simply amazing. I really hope they make trailers for Season 4-7, too!
Really looking forward to S4-7 trailers and lots of Spike. If I was not already in love with Buffy tVS & Angel these trailers would make me a believer. Great editing.
I have to join the shout-out for this. Fantastic. I still think the S1 trailer is my favorite because it makes the season look much more interesting and exciting than it actually is. While season 2 and season 3 are just as amazing to me as they look and feel in the trailers. I can't wait for the other seasons.
I can't wait to see this person's trailers for the rest of the seasons, particularly 4 and 7. The main reason I'm interested to see the trailers for those two seasons is because S7 really felt like a letdown to me after the brilliance that was S6, and because S4 had an overall arc that ended up feeling quite disconnected despite how strong it seemed to be on paper.
Greatness. And it reminded me why I love season three more than all the other fishes.
Yay for season 3! And for awesome video trailer!

(needs more mayor, though... heck, season 3 needs more mayor... Best. Big Bad. Ever.)
Needs more mayor with more cowbell.
holy. crap. I was hoping they weren't stopping with the first two. That was so very dramatic and hit all the right beats. I don't think it would play as well to newbies, but it was plenty good for us who saw those events unravel either back in 98-99 or through DVDs.
Now imagining the Ascended Mayor, with a necklace of cowbells.

Thank you very much.
The Season 1 trailer was excellent and made the first season out to be something like Season 2.

The Season 2 trailer left a lot to be desired if you ask me.

Just finished watching the Season 3 trailer; verdict: terrific -- and they even used, for the about the first 20 seconds, score from S3 by Christophe Beck. And the quick mention of The Mayor being evil followed by a clip of him saying, "Mint?" was just great!
These are fantastic. I'm trying to figure out how to work Hey, you want to see a trailer for Buffy season 3?" into a conversation.
These are beyond excellent, Season 2 went on a bit long in the end, but Season 3 just hit it out of the park.
As an amateur film maker I am in awe.
Keep 'em coming
Just wait until, hopefully, the person(s) behind these get to "Angel".
Hey, this "Buffy Season Three" thingy looks like it'll be great. When's it coming out?

(Seriously: that was a little overwhelming. I've got SO much emotion/thought/pain/happiness invested in S3--to get it all kinda stirred up in a single rush like that...I think I need to go lie down.)
That was really, truly, madly, deeply wonderfully wonderful. Season three remains perhaps my favorite of all of them, and this video really kinda captured a nice snapshot. The creator of these video has an eye for trailers, another medium that I find endlessly entertaining. Bravo, brava, whoever it is that makes these. Can't wait for season four.
buffyverse12...if you are not working as a professional editor, than I want to hire you in the future. Seriously.

That video (like the last 2) managed to boil down the main character arcs of the entire season, show tons of action, have a through-line of story, and use some of the best lines of the show! I'm in awe.

Kudos again. Brilliant work.
So amazing....

So so amazing. Even better than 1 and 2 (which were awesome).
We attack the mayor with cowbells.

I stand corrected.

I just finished rewatching season 3 just last night (prom, grad pt 1 & 2), sort of a reintroduction of a friend who hasn't seen the show since it aired. This was so perfect, it made it all condensed and exciting, didn't spoil too much, but didn't leave anything out! I loved it.

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