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January 08 2009

Happy birthday, Amber Benson! Our favourite witch who isn't part demon turns 32 today.

Happy birthday, Amber!
Good luck on the release of your new book :)
Happy Birthday, Amber! Stick with being awesome, it suits you!
Happy Birthday Amber!!

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Happy birthday, Amber!
Happy birthday to the beautiful and multi-talented Amber Benson!
Happy birthday. Here's to a successful year.
Happy birthday to a fellow Capricorn! You rock!
Happy happy, Amber!
Happy birthday Ms Amber Benson, and others without number.

Make the most of this year, it's the last power of two you'll see for a while ;).
Here's wishing you a great year ahead, kiddo!
Happy Birthday! I feel honored to share a birthday with you!
Yay! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Mandy! (and other people)
Happy Birthday Amber!!!!!!
Happy birthday dear Amber!
Happy birthday dear Mandy!
Happy Birthday Amber!
Happy Birthday Rock!!! And so do I because it is my birthday too...and oh yeah its also some guy named Elvis' birthday as well.
Unusual when the first in a string of 3 events is the best; in early 1977, Amber was born, then SMG was born (please don't throw things) then I graduated university.

Happy birthday to the actor whose TV character helped remind me love was real at a time I needed reminding, who I'm adoring again now I have DVDs.

Happies to the woman who tickled me pink with her boyfriend of choice, partly because I love the irony, partly because he bears a very slight but IMHO noticeable resemblance to me and thats the closest I'll ever get. (Me, boundary issues?)

3 cheers to a woman who, when I first saw a picture of her in hard profile, impressed me as having almost, not quite, enough up-front to be mistaken for one of my relatives. Our kind need to stick together.

Many happy returns to the girl I very carefully do not allow myself to day-dream about. (except when I imagine her and SMG in my screenplay....)

Happy b-day to a woman I hope Penguin schedules for a book signing here in the "Little Apple," who inhabits in 2-dimensional form my wallpaper and mouse pad at work.

Short form, happy birthday, Amber!
Well Happy Birff day Amber. Break a leg in all your endevours this year. And for old times sake; 'Swoon, thud'.
Happy Birthday Amber! I'm not witty enough to come up with any more than that, I'm afraid.
All the best, kiddoo!
Happy birthday, Amber! One day before and a year after me. Ouch. I think I just sprained time.

Meeting you in Detroit 4(!) years ago was one of the most special things to happen to me, and one I will never, ever forget. (Although I still think your PA was wrong; I'm nowhere as pretty as you.)

Hope the coming year finds you busy and happy, and gives us fans many more reasons to love you.

The King is dead. Long live Amber!
Happy Birthday, Amber!

I'm looking forward to your new book.
ShadowQuest; Was wondering when you'd show up.

Interesting to think on who else was born today; Stephen Hawking, Larry Storch, Soupy Sales, Ami Dolenz,R. Kelly, David Bowie,e tc. Psyched; the syndiacted feature on Toady's Birthdays (which I read in the Reading PA Eagle) had the sense and good taste to include her. And figured she was well enough known not to need to mention any credits
Happy Birthday Amber! Keep working the awesomeness that is you. Say hi to Adam for us. And if on the odd chance you still scour the web to read these kinds of comments, let me put forth an indy movie idea for you to contemplate:

"Second Chance"

'Cause I really liked the first one, and I'm wondering what happens next in Chance's crazy life.
let me put forth an indy movie idea for you to contemplate: "Second Chance"

I've just watched Chance last night and this is an excellent idea! I really loved "Chance", too.
All the best, Ms. Amber!
Happy 32 Amber! all the best is yet to come.
Happy Birthday to the most beatiful of the scoobies (for me, anyway)
"Chance" was one of the best movies I saw last year: Tara Amber still kissing girls, Spike James stil with problems to get his love and still wearing dresses... No wait.
Hope Amber had a great birthday!
Happy Bday Amber....come do a con in Dallas!.....Please.

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