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January 08 2009

(SPOILER) Angel:Blood and Trenches preview covers. Ryall posts B+W covers for issues 1-3 of John Byrnes W.W.1 Angel story "Blood and Trenches" at his blog.

i don't these this link deserves a Spoiler tag... after all it takes place in World War II, plus there's nothing really spoiler-rific about the content on the covers. Any reader of ANgel can expect to see him fighting and running
These covers look excellent to me, and I'm even more interested to see what he will do with the interiors. I think I'm glad I don't know anything about JB's reputation one way or the other so I'm free to appreciate them on their own merit.
I'm greatly looking forward to this.
Oh Goodie!! I can't wait for more Angel stories. And I am also waiting for the Wes story. So much goodness to look forward to.

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