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January 08 2009

Exclusive interview with the creator of Ninja Ropes. Nice piece about the game that got its own song in Commentary! The Musical.

If you haven't clicked on the game lately, the Top 15 section now has only Nathan Fillion's score.

Interesting, I was wondering what it was they were talking about (or rather, singing about. ;-) )

Why is Nathan's the only name in the high scores? And how does one get one's name in the high scores?
There was originally a "real" high scores list, but after the creator discovered the song he must have seen fit to pay tribute. I checked before that happened and Nathan wasn't even close to the high score :) (No offense Nathan!)
The more speed of your falling, the more speed you will have after shrinking of the rope.

Had a kinda poetry to it.
I am totally addicted to this game now. So far my high score is 222.01.

EDIT: Now it's 257.65

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222.01!! Wow. That gives a lot of "shrinking of the rope" to MY ego.
If you multiple my high score by 10, it's still < 222. A space ninja I am not.
Hey, some of us are just space ninjas who don't want to jump through all the hoops that the Man sets out for us.

"Planet Earth is blue and my rope has shrunken too...."

(Are you picking this up on your LSD screen?)

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I feel for the high scorers of over 1,000 YD. I couldn't believe when I saw that. What, do they sit in a darkened absolutely quiet room, except for the buzzing of their computer and just work at it 24/7? They must need sports gel for the incipient carpal tunnel syndrome too. I can't get above 85 YD b/c I just don't have the patience.
Proving once again that I suck at any game made past the original Asteroids, my current high score is 12yds.

I may have to turn in my geek card.
A couple of things that helped me:

Keep your mouse cursor near the right side of the screen as the gravity arrows and the circles appear so you can immediately click. Remember you have 2 ropes in case the 1st one doesn't reach.

You can manipulate the Ninja ropes depending where you click on the circle depending how high you have to jump to the next one; i.e., depending on the speed going in to the next circle to attach, if you attach the rope lower down on the circle, it kind of slings your guy up at a faster velocity. Attaching the rope more towards the top of the circle means a slower jump to the next circle.

I haven't bothered working much with the gravity arrows because you have to be so concentrated to make sure which way they're pointed to send the Ninja in the right direction, it's a real pain in the ass.

It's so fast-paced also, that to try and remember where the circles are placed, for instance, low circle to high circle so you have to have the maximum amount of rope to reach it, is difficult and I forget the sequence for which "high jump" is coming up; inevitably, I miss in the 2nd cycle. I think using a mouse is an inelegant way to play the game - you need arcade controls.

Edit to fix my egregious writing errors & for clarity.

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Thanks for the info, Tonya J. :)

I feel for the high scorers of over 1,000 YD. I couldn't believe when I saw that. What, do they sit in a darkened absolutely quiet room, except for the buzzing of their computer and just work at it 24/7?

I feel like this sometimes, but it's not because I play Ninja Ropes...
Tonya J, thanks for the awesome comment! Any such information will help me to make some refinements in the next game.

Can you elaborate how arcade controls can impove the gameplay? I think that game is quite impossible to play without some pointing (using mouse or touchscreen).

P.S. The special hi-scores table is only for a time :) Maybe for a long time though. Your scores are saved anyway.
You're welcome. I think it's just hard to use your wrist so much (another reason I can't stay at it long) to move the mouse laterally, to then point and click. A joystick held upright in a closed fist would be easier to point, and then a button at the top of it to deploy the ropes. Something like that.

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