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January 08 2009

Win a half hour conversation with Felicia Day! In order to help Humanety Charity Auction Felicia is auctioning off 1/2 hour with her own sweet self (for conversation).

I would love to win this, maybe I'd better go bid!

You beat me to it embers . Sounds like a good cause though :)
Yeah, I knew I had to rush to get this up before everyone else found it on their own. I also rushed in a bid first, but it quickly got to be too rich for my blood! I hope whoever wins this will come and tell us what you discussed (the hotness of Nathan Fillion and/or Hugh Laurie).
My questions would be:

1. When can we expect "The Guild Season 2" on DVD?

2. Have you thought about animating 3D character sequences for "The Guild" to simulate "game play?"
That;s really cool, what a great and simple way to raise money for charity!
A half an hour is a really long time.
A fan posted about this on the forums a few days ago. It's a worthy cause and I fully applaud Felicia for stepping up, but I find some of the terms of this video chat to be less than ideal, particularly the part in the FAQ where it says:

"you completely forfeit any rights you may have to any intellectual property you choose to share as part of a conversation. So, do not mention any thoughts or ideas unless you want to completely and forever give them away."

Sorry for being a negative-nelly, but that kind of thing just rubs me the wrong way.

A half an hour is a really long time.

That's the other thing. I managed to make enough of an idiot of myself in a 3-minute ELE application. I can't imagine subjecting the interwebs to 30-minutes of my fanboyish stammering.

ETA: reply to B!x

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It makes sense, AlanD. Felicia's not going to steal your idea, but if you say to her, "Everyone should die in the Guild's season finale!" and then that's what happens (because she'd planned it independently) then you could theoretically sue her.

I mean, I think that's the logic behind it. Same reason showrunners don't read specs of their own shows, except that in speech Felicia doesn't have the option of not hearing what you say.
Felicia is so much fun to talk to. I provided my apartment complex for her to film the second season of The Guild at. Every day they filmed here she made sure to talk to me as much as possible. I felt so blessed... :)
Whoever wins should bring a colouring book and crayons and colour together!
then you could theoretically sue her.

This is it exactly. She's not looking to steal anyone's ideas (I can promise you she has a better grasp of where the show's going than you do). But it would be foolish of her not to protect herself from any potential lawsuits that might arise, no matter how frivolous. Nobody likes having to hire a lawyer and go to court, even if they're going to win in the end.
Also, I agree that a half-hour conversation would be kind of weird and awkward, with a lot of staring at the webcam saying "Sooooo. . ."

Now, if she'd play WoW with you for an hour? That would be awesome.
Just to be clear, this policy is not Felicia's. It is the website that runs the auction and hosts the video conversation,, that forces you to forfeit your IP in order to talk to somebody.

I just think people should be aware that if they win this thing thinking they get to chat with Felicia about some of their own webcontent ideas, that they forfeit all rights to those ideas. Copyright would then fall to the owners of the video conversation, which is (which also means they could theoretically sue Felicia, in Jobo's scenario above)

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JesterInACast, maybe an hour is too long, but she does play with Guildies often... Also, Jeff (Vork) and (Zaboo) play too.

I don't think it'd be an awkward conversation. I'm sure she'll keep the talk going even if the person who wins is too shy.

Now, someone (I think Edgar - Felicia's webmaster) posted on twitter an @drhorrible tweet saying he (well, they...) should bid. And then I thought... though it'd be great for a fan to win this, it'd be also great if Joss bid on it and win. Cause they could do a 30 minute fun video!! =P ... (the vid will be available on for a while).
AlanD., I noted your comment about IP and conversations. I'm the CEO of Humanety. As other posters have surmised, that statement was not requested by Felicia (or by any of our Humanetarians so far). It was actually recommended by our counsel for just the reason that Jobo states. I wish there was a way to soften the language so that it doesn't sound quite so harsh, but it's important for people to understand it before they bid.

Please know that Humanety and our celebrity guests have no intention of stealing anyone's ideas. We're all here just to help and promote some worthy causes. The IP statement is there to provide our current and future Humanetarians with a sense of comfort that they won't likely become entangled in a frivolous lawsuit because of their support of charity.

To everyone: please let us know if you have any suggestions about Humanety. We'd love to hear them! Also, are there any celebrities from the "Whedonsphere" that you'd like us to approach about becoming Humanetarians?

Michael Campbell

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