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January 08 2009

Nathan Fillion on Robot Chicken. Voicing The Flash, Encyclopedia Brown's father and a government worker.

This is actually an old episode, but I only just saw the rerun. The link in the title takes you to his sketch as the flash, and you can find the other two sketches from this episode here and here.

International users need not bother trying to check it out *sigh*
This is for all the international users. Download Hotspot Shield from here:

Run it and let it connect. Now you can watch those pesky US videos that normally block you. I usually use it for Youtube videos, but it works for everything.

[ edited by Walkdogger on 2009-01-09 14:12 ]
I've had trouble running hotspot shield on several occasions so I've given up. Half the time it won't connect and at other times it's too slow to watch streaming video.
Hotspot shield also worries me because it always seems to be uploading content as much as downloading, according to my firewall.
Tried watching these clips using Hotspot Shield, but it's so damn slow I gave up! Shame - I love Robot Chicken...

Anyone know a program that's faster that Hotspot Shield, but does the same thing?

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