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January 09 2009

Dr Horrible's PCA acceptance speech. Finally they get to say their piece.

Have updated Netflix Q to reflect Kate Hudson's amazing work. Thanq.
I'm having trouble imagining Dr. H saying that speech. Seems a little too excited. Now Moist, on the other hand...
Would have been cool if they could have video blogged the speech. But that's cuz I'm greedy.
It was nice of them to acknowledge the award on a fan site. That was classy.
Just think how much better awards shows would be if these guys could be doing the speeches.
You have to wonder what is more evil: Dr. Horrible winning a People's Choice Award, or the Evil League of Evil's successful attempt to get "27 Dresses" any award at all.
Still, yay for the Doc, Joss, his siblings, Nathan, Felicia and Neil, who I hope will be a success on SNL this week.
Oh Dr. Horrible! Sarcasm so becomes you! I hope you also got a chance to see Kate Hudson on Dave the other night. Such classic elegance on display. O.o
Congratulations once again to Dr. Horrible et al. It sure would have been nice to have seen/heard that speech in person.

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