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January 09 2009

Sing-along with Dr. Horrible in Madison, Wisconsin. This event will be held in the Majestic Theatre on February 11th.


ETA that I wonder if that post is supposed to be hinting (bunnies) at the other thing they're showing, or if the date is significant, since it's two days before Dollhouse airs.

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Unless it's Tabula Rasa, it better be OMWF!!!

Not sure what the 2-11 date would mean b!x(other than reminding me about Dr. Dre's album, The Chronic, "Try to set me up for a 211, f*** around and get caught up in a 187." 211 of course being the police code for armed robbery. Maybe Dane101 is armed and dangerous?)

I guess they don't want to raise any OMWF red flags. Obviously the bunnies comment was total Whedon-code. I love to see guerrilla tactics being employed so the public can watch a musical. Watch out Madison Wisconsin, Fox might send a gaggle of attorneys to come take everyone's three dollar charitable donation/entry fee!
Sounds like fun (not that I'm anywhere near Wisconsin). But the description doesn't explain the "brew" aspect of the event...
I only mentioned the date as the alternative explanation for the mystery extra something they are showing. Meaning, either OMWF (bunnies) or something Dollhouse (the date).
jcs, apparently beer movies are a staple of the Majestic: "...the Majestic also features comedy, themed parties and "Brew n' View" movies from time to time. (Mentioned under The Majestic in the left-sided menu.)
That is an adorable theater.
Do we have any Wisconsin posters?
I've been to the Majestic before, it's a fun theater. There are similar types of theaters in the suburbs of Chicago.
Wow, that's a very nice venue. From the places I used to go to for music events in the Midwest, I was expecting a more old-house-a-bit-crumbly aesthetic.
Simon Yes. Unfortunately, I'm about 4 hours north of Madison, and, although I have a friend who lives there, I'm not entirely sure I can afford to drive down for this.

I just looked at my calendar - nope. Can't take two days off in the middle of the week to drive down, see this, spend the night & drive back.

Fudge! There goes my only chance of seeing it! I'll let her know, though - I'm sure she & my (former) friend from Oshkosh will want to go.

ETA: As long as they're not making bears, everything's good. 'cause I'm not sure they could undo it.

Just for the fun of it, I think I'll pretend I'm going and decide what my costume will be. Let's see...what character wore glasses & had short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, and was female?

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Will there be the Musical Commentary track as well? It rocks! Even better then the songs webcasted..
I went to school in Madison and now live a couple hours north in Appleton. This is SOOOO tempting. Maybe ShadowQuest can pick me up!

Also, the Majestic is a great little theater. I know I saw at least two movies there, but the only one I remember is Orgazmo :D

Edit: Oh yeah, I saw a free sneak-peek of Chasing Amy there too!

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Whoo-hoo! Charity Screening of Dr. Horrible!
We are possibly closer to the Wisconsin border than to Chicago, and did drive up to Madison once to see Steve Earle - I should remember this, but I think it's an hour plus a bit drive - so this would be a possibility IF IT WEREN'T IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FRAKKING WEEK. Some of us have to go to work the next day, you know! Yargh.
I'm so I excited! I go to school in Madison. It would be better if it were on a weekend so that some of my non-Madison friends could drive up. I'm already calling people and making plans as I type.

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