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January 09 2009

Harry Lennix on Why Now? Our soon-to-be favorite handler in the Dollhouse gives several reasons why now is the time to vote "yes" on the SAG strike authorization referendum.

I haven't seen a lot of talk about Boyd, but for some reason I really, really like him. A lot. Based mainly on the two minutes we saw with him and Topher, but still. I just really liked the character.
Wait, our soon-to-be favorite handler isn't going to be Bicks?
From the preview clips I really like his voice. I've never seen the Matrix films in English, so I haven't heard it until the first Dollhouse-trailer. And I was stunned. His delivery of "So we're told..." amazes me every time.

(But the first trailer was practically a voice-fest all the way through. Olivia Williams saying "Robots? Zombie-slaves?"... damn, was I close to crying.)
I don't like Bicks. Feels kinda false.
So: No residuals, no career.
I need to brush up on my SAG strike info, he said some stuff in there that implied things I don't believe to be true. If they are, I wonder why, cause it doesn't make much sense. But then, most of this whole shebang doesn't. I didn't particularly like this video overall because it really was just a few vague implications. There was no actual information in there whatsoever, certainly not an answer to the question. Anytime someone answers a question by not answering it I get suspicious.

All that said, I have been and still am rooting for SAG, something that i can't usually say as I work where we'll get effed should the strike occur. And most of my friends are in the industry and will also get effed. I just haven't been a fan of how SAG's been going about things. I hope for a reasonable end to all this.
A reasonable end would have been more likely had the directors not collaborated and the writers not caved. IMHOYMMVWWJD.

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Point taken, but what's past is past an unchangeable until i find a delorean or a phone booth or a witch. All of which are in short supply these days! As the situation stands now I hope for a resolution that doesn't screw over anyone. And I won't say except the AMPTP. 1. They're far too rich to get truly screwed anyway. 2. If they do get TRULY screwed, the film industry will fall apart. (to be rebuilt with a better business model? hmmm...)

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I hadn't heard many of the arguments in these videos before. It's a shame that the SAG negotiations aren't getting much coverage, and most of it seems to be negative. Up until now I'd been leery of a strike authorization (it still reminds me of the authorization to go to war in Iraq) but if what they're saying is true, I believe they have the right to it.

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