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January 09 2009

Amber Benson to guest star on 'Private Practice'. TV Guide has the scoop.

That makes 3 Whedonesquers to guest on Private Practice this season (Amy Acker and Fran Kranz were on earlier).

edit: probably should have read the article first, where they mention that. I forgot about Alexis, so that actually makes 4 now.

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Alexis Denisof as well.
"Private Practice"???? It burns, it burns!
Fran Kranz starred in a movie that was on Comedy Central yesterday, too. Weiners, I think? I dunno, I just watched a bit because of him. I like him a lot.
I'll admit that I've been starting to follow Private Practice with all the Whedonverse actors.
Ugh! This show makes me miserable! But I guess I will suffer through another episode for a Whedonverse star.
Why can't they be on something good on ABC. Wait its because ABC CANCELLED their best 2 shows that arent titled LOST.(daisies Eli)

Bah at them

Yes BAHHH they better air those last 3 episodes of "Daisies"
Very cool. Thanks for posting.

ETA: Props to the webgenius who put the HIMYM ads on this article.

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Gina was supposed to guest on Pushing Daisies, but who knows if it will air now. Bah indeed.
I suppose Daisies will at the very least get to DVD, right?

I remember thinking during the last episode: this is the best television in years, how can they be so stupid to cancel this! And now they might not even air the last episodes.

And what about Eli? Have they actually aired all the episodes yet? Luckily I'm watching Eli as it airs here in the Netherlands, where we're still in season 1, so at least I have a bit more to go and I suppose they will just air everything there is to air here, but the cancellation sucks so bad. Like Daisies watching Eli made me so happy and then of course all of a sudden it was cancelled. Really saddens me we won't get to see more of this two shows. While with most of the other shows I follow, like: House, Dexter and the Office, I still like watching them, but they feel a bit past their primes.

I don't think I'll remember to tune in with the Private Practise episodes, though it sure are great guests. Why can't they get them on a show I already like to watch? It's not like there aren't a great number of them. I must have done something to greatly upset the tv gods.

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I just don't get attached to anything since Firefly. TPTB rip your heart out every time.
I don't watch Private Practice (saw the pilot and that's it) but I won't miss this one episode for sure. Would be very nice to see Amber on TV again. I hope she'll show up at How I Met Your Mother someday.

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