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January 09 2009

A behind-the-scenes peek from the set of Dollhouse. Joss teaches Eliza how to do a sexy, confident walk. No, really.

According to Future on Fox, we'll be getting a new clip every Friday till the show premieres. Huzzah!

Oh. My. God.

Numfar Who Now?
New clip?

Every Friday?

Until the show premieres?!

I think my heart just grew three sizes (one for each sentence fragment).

ETA: Then I watched the clip and my heart exploded.

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Numfar. He did Numfar!
Forget Eliza. I want a show with Joss starring. That was too funny.
It seems like Joss and Eliza get along really well. That's great. And it's got to help the rest of the cast to have that kind of environment.
So the client's fantasy is a date with a sexy, confident Martian?
Numfar! Do the sexy confident dance!


Someone make an animated gif of that, pretty please!!
Good catch, Pointy!

Joss is SO FUNNY!!
OMG ! I just took a break from studying fo my exams, and saw this ! I'm smiling again, thanks Whedonesque :)
I couldn't get the clip to play. Had anyone else had this problem? I'm thinking it's because I'm watching from a computer outside the U.S. Have any other non-Americans had this problem?
I'll have you know that this got posted just after I went for a nap. I'll try to go for another one in a couple of hours and see what happens.
If you can't get it to play, does this link (tweeted by @FoxBroadcasting) work?
Thanks, I'll give it a try! O.K. I just tried it and it worked!!! Perfect!

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That's so awesome! Not that it makes up for the lack of advertising, but its great that this was posted!
I love these people.
Works fine from outside the US for me.

And I have seen girls walk like that. But only after alcohol has been involved. A lot of alcohol...
Well, now we know who to send to represent the US at the International Silly Walks Convention.
Unfortunately for Joss, this means another dance/walk that annoying people at Comic-Con will mercilessly scream for him to perform.

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Oh this is wonderful, I had just recently been reviewing Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks, and I think Joss has definitely come up with something new!
Ha! I had no idea Joss was so good at physical comedy too. He'd probably make a great actor
Hmm. There are some similarities between the Dance of Joy and the Walk of Sexy Confidence, aren't there?
I didn't see any. The Walk of Sexy Confidence is much more rubbery and forward. The Dance of Joy is kind of jerky and side to side.
Wow. Matt Harding has some tough competition here.
I got the confident part. Sexy? Not so sure.

But hysterically funny.
He's a good sport isn't he? It is one thing to be goofing around with cast and crew but another to agree to allow it to be put online.
Wow, that walk of sexy/confident is way better than how Elaine Benes dances, and by that, I mean Joss is a very silly, skilled comedian. I wonder if he does stuff like that for his kids. :>)
I didn't see any. The Walk of Sexy Confidence is much more rubbery and forward. The Dance of Joy is kind of jerky and side to side.

Well, OK. But there's a certain adorkableness factor they have in common.
No argument there.
Well, Joss wouldn't have to agree for that to be put online. He just had to agree before being filmed that anything they shoot can be used however Fox may choose. Standard likeness release. So while he probably was semi-aware that the behind-the-scenes guy/gal was there (and he had long ago signed the release, or more likely it was part of his contract from the get-go), he probably wasn't thinking about it ending up on the internet as part of the promotion for Dollhouse. And they wouldn't have had to ask him before putting it up.

I'm glad he didn't feel self-conscious about the behind-the-scenes person!
So, another reuse of "Echo"-footage? I think Eliza's dresses match pretty much the scenes from the first trailer.
Well, they could just be reusing the dress rather than the footage (Eliza also more or less matches the Eliza from the first trailer ;).

Funny video. That was both sexy and confident especially if you slightly redefine 'sexy'. If he ever wanted an alternate career, Joss would make a good "sexy" confident person.

(and there was an actual Numfar snippet near the start unless my eyes deceive me - which they often do the little approximately spherical bastards)
Such a display of flexibility is ... scary.
As long as no one asks Joss to do Dancing With the Stars. On the other hand, that would make it actually entertaining. ;)
So, another reuse of "Echo"-footage?

Well, it's back from when they were filming in May 2008, or whatever it was. (We've been waiting for this show since November 2007, peeps! It's like, the longest Christmas eve ever).
That was brill, it must be a good lalf when joss is on set.
"Walk of Sexy Confidence" = phine, phine phrase, jcs!
It's moments like this that we all swoon for he-of-purple-text.
That was a fun few moments - Dance of Joy and the new "Walk of Sexy Confidence". Yes, I can hear people screaming for that now. ;)
As fun as that was to watch, I was thinking that there is another latched-onto "thing" someone at a convention might shout out to him to do: "Do Numfar," "Do the walk of sexy confidence," just as Nick is asked to do the Snoopy dance. I'm pretty much betting that if there is a Dollhouse panel at Comic-Con this year, someone who's seen the video, will. I hope Joss says, "What? I have no idea what you--walk of what?"
Well, "walk of sexy confidence" is a bit of a mouthful - harder to shout than "dance of joy". So maybe they won't.
Speaking of Dancing With The Stars... They should get Joss and David for a dance-off. LMAO. Joss dancing like Numfar and David's spazzoid moves.

Biggest ratings ever!

Toss in Eliza's sexy-bad-girl techno dancing.

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Of course someone will request it (as I suggested earlier). There's always someone stupid to make the stupid requests resulting in the rest of us watching panelists trying to avoid calling them stupid.
Hopefully this is not iconic enough to be remembered during Q&As.
If it's not in 'the product' or a DVD extra, things generally don't get remembered. The mistake Adam made was singing on the Firefly DVD.
Re Sunfire's comment - really? After some tape I've seen of conventions (particularly one with Nathan and Alan on a panel that's been posted here) I was completely incredulous that precious time with these people was spent asking the most puerile shit imaginable. Unbelievable. I'm just saying I hope Joss won't be subjected to stuff like that (suggestion: submit questions that are seriously vetted to be answered at the panel).
That is SO awesome! I can't wait for next Friday! I would love to work for that guy. If, you know, I was an actor and not a scientist.
Are you a nerdy, funny scientist korkster?
Re Sunfire's comment - really?

Uh, yeah. I really do hope this isn't memorable enough to become the new thing fans ask him at cons.
Very funny and the Joss sexy walk l could see Eliza doing it lol
I think that I'd call that "tertiary syphilis walk." But I'm not a doctor.
gossi said,
"If it's not in 'the product' or a DVD extra, things generally don't get remembered. The mistake Adam made was singing on the Firefly DVD. "

So you are thinking that Joss will be singing pick-pick-pick-pick them apart at future conventions ?
Could be a great lead-in to any Q&A session, maybe make people think twice about some questions they are asking.
Best tune on the dvd IMO now also available in a Youtube version for us geographically and/or otherwise challenged.

ETA: Actually I'd pay non-existent big cashy money to see Joss et al walk in on a Comic-con podium to be received by a big shuush from the audience who then continues to perform the Heartbreak song to the people on the podium.




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If it's not in 'the product' or a DVD extra, things generally don't get remembered

Like on the official Fox Firefly site, was it Kelly who did all those behind-the-scenes videos?
What I was trying to get across is that there are fans who are just waiting for the stars to align, to be in the right place and time, to ask the most weird, bizarre questions (as asked to Alan on a tape I saw, that had nothing whatever to do with the theme of the convention), so why wouldn't someone out there latch on to this? As I've said before here, I was at the Comic-Con Lost panel in 2006 and was deeply embarrassed at some of the behavior on display, so I'm just hoping it doesn't happen.
Tonya J, I went to the Comic-Con 2008 "Heroes" panel. They showed the first episode of the new series (amazing experience), and then had flown the entire cast out to do a Q&A session with fans.

Here's the questions fans asked:

Number 1) A fan got up and said she was partially sighted, and said she wanted to see Milo (Peter) up close. So Milo didn't really know what to do, so ended up climbing off stage and going to see the lady. This took several minutes.

Number 2) Somebody got up and said they had camped out overnight to get into the panel. A bit nuts, but they got a round of applause. Then they said they hadn't actually seen Heroes and didn't know what it was about, and asked the cast to explain what happened in the show during the previous two series.

Number 3) A boy got up and asked a question of Zachary Quinto. Which is fine. Except he was about 5 and his question made little sense, I'm presuming his mum sent him up.

...and it continued like that. I doubt they'll fly the entire cast out next time, 'cos it's a bit of a waste of time.

Simon, yeah.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-01-11 18:14 ]
Kelly Wheeler, yes. (who then became something of a Serenity end credits Easter Egg).
gossi, well at least I laughed at the absurdity of one of those (the person who camped out overnight)... Isn't that sad, though? Because of an experience like that, that the cast might not come out again.
I was there at CC '08 and yeah, some of the questions were cringe-worthy. But I think the Paley panel beat it out. Here's the Buffy cast, 10 years later, together again on stage to talk about their wonderful experience with Buffy, and we get the "i-Pod" question. *shudders*

Are you a nerdy, funny scientist korkster?

sammygeen | January 11, 05:12 CET

More of a geek scientist. But my passion and my career are seldom related. :(

I want to re-phrase what I said though. The way Joss directs his people, leads his crew... that's the sort of boss I'd LOVE to have. He provides structure without snuffing out their creativity. Just got done re-watching the "Write Environment" interview with Joss and the things he said about leadership... I wish my boss would take something away from that. If he did, then maybe my passion and my career would be more related than they currently are.

Sleeping overnight. Not a bad idea. It's something I'm considering for '09. But sleeping in a near-by hotel is the way I'm leaning. And everyone has their stupid moments. I think they should take some action against that and at least filter them, but Joss doesn't seem to like that sort of thing. :/
If anyone is still have issues playing it, Fox now has it YouTube'd.

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